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This British high street stalwart offers men’s underwear that ranges from classic Y fronts to more modern and funky bulge enhancing and shapewear styles.

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Although they’ve recently updated and modernised many of their ranges of undergarments for fellas, M&S has copped a fair bit of stick in recent years for it’s dull and unimaginative designs.  The most famous of their detractors was that well known style icon Jeremy Paxman.   If you don’t like taking your undies fashion advice from Jeremy then it’s perhaps time to give the high street store another chance.

In late 2010 they launched their popular range of bulge boosting mens undies which really brought the brand’s image into the right century!  Designed to lift both the front profile and give a pleasing shape to the bum, the range also includes body sculpting vests.

If you’re on a bit of a budget and want to try out some of these currently fashionable styles we reckon you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by Marks and Sparks’ prices.  Definately a lot easier on the wallet than many of the designer brands offering similar features!

Of course for the underwear traditionalists amongst you never fear. Still on sale are all the thermal undies and drab blue high waisted y fronts a man could ever dream of – those classic lines still form the core of their ranges and all with that great quality we’ve come to associate with everyone’s favourite department store.

This brand continues to demonstrate why it’s held on as other long standing British names fall by the wayside. They are always innovating and we think it’s high time we all went out and supported them. Grab your M&S undies today and support dear old Blighty’s high street!!

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