Men’s Enhancing Underwear – Bulge Boosting Features are Big in the UK

Everyone needs a boost sometimes, and your crotch is no different. The range of men’s enhancing underwear in the UK has progressed from niche to mainstream. Now even big brands such as Calvin Klein are getting on the boosting briefs bandwagon. Why? Because the demand for bulge boosting underwear is now a huge driver of men’s underwear sales.

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What is Men’s Enhancing Underwear?

Bulge boosting is the most popular type of underwear enhancement. Use of clever pouch technology creates an enhanced shape in the crotch. However, there are now many versions of this underwear theme.

These clever pouches work in many different ways. Some use cleverly structured fabric panels to subtly lift and sculpt your package. Others use push up technology, or cleverly placed elastic bands or slings to create a pull up effect.

Men’s padded underwear is also now increasingly popular because it creates an attractive and uniform shape, and subtle lifting. Furthermore, padding can be used around the bum for the same results.

Enhancing Underwear Types

Push Up

The most popular type of enhancement briefs have a push up pouch. Because this type of cut lifts the package away from your body, you can enjoy good support and enhanced size. Also, by lifting away from your body the pouch creates reduced ball crush and sweating.

Like any jocks with a technical pouch, you may not find the first pair of undies you try comfortable.

It may feel a little odd having your anatomy lifted and scooped. Try different brands out to find the best and most comfortable fit for you.  Some of the lifting pouches have a fairly rigid fit. If this doesn’t work for you, try to find another type featuring softer fabrics.

How Does Men’s Push Up Underwear Work?

The pouch doesn’t push up your package, instead creating lift and support in two ways:

  1. Most commonly, the pouch will have a u shaped bit of fabric that sits underneath your package and lifts it like a sling. This creates upwards and outwards lift, making you look bigger. The fabric is usually soft and elasticated for comfort, although the lifting can feel a bit odd for some at first. It’s usually worth persevering if you do find you are struggling with the fit. Try a couple of different brands to see what works for you. Pay particular attention to the types of fabric and soft elastic used within the pouch if you are having issues with how the fit feels.
  2. Less commonly, some boosting pouches feature straps. These create a sling effect which lifts up your profile and gives support from underneath.

Because it’s not usual for your balls to be lifted in this way, this type of pouch might feel unnatural to start with. You can read more about men’s push up underwear pouches and the brands that offer them in our guide.

Men’s Padded Underwear

Padded underwear can have enhancements in two areas, in the crotch, or around the bum. The purpose of the padding is to create a smooth and sculpted shape, as well as creating a fuller appearance for a pleasing effect.

The padding is generally made from foam. Boxers and briefs featuring this form of enhancement tend to be the most eye-catching and effective. They may also feature removable pads.

However, there is a tendency for them to not offer much in the way of support or lift. You might wish to take that into account when deciding how best to boost your crotch or bum area. Comfort is important too!

Bum Lift Underwear

Lots of attention is given to the crotch area when it comes to boosting underwear. However, many men also want to find the best underwear to lift their bum, too! A bit of lift around the bum area can create a great look in tight fitting jeans or shorts. To create a good lift, many brands make use of straps under the buttocks, or shaped padding woven into the fabric of briefs and boxers. You can also get men’s butt lifting jock straps, probably the ultimate in sports underwear!

Anatomical Pouch

Shake what mother nature gave you with an anatomical pouch! This type of men’s underwear is much loved by men who want a more natural fit. Not all men want their balls lifted and scooped into a variety of pleasing shapes, preferring a looser and “dangling” feel. Anatomical pouches are longer, and designed to be more comfortable.

What Benefits Do Enhancing Pouches Have?

The main benefit of enhancing pouches is bulge boosting functionality. However, Men have an increasing amount of choice about how they’d like their underwear to perform. Gone are the days where you only had a choice between formless boxers, or the dreaded Y Fronts. Men can now expect an almost endless variety of features to make all their dreams come true. Provided their dreams are about how their package is presented!

Our full guide to the benefits of enhancing pouches will give you more info on the many life improvements to be gained from giving your crotch some underwear love!

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