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Quite simply, Pump underwear for men stands out. The colourways are bold and the design is authentic. Generic underwear are simply no match for a pump underwear colour splash. Their boxers, briefs, and jockstraps have a dedicated fan base.

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Key Pump Underwear Cuts


There’s something different about pump boxers. Maybe its the look… the feel.. The bold colors that catch your eyes and keep them there. Whatever it is, they are a hit. Pump elevate the standard boxer by combining soft and breathable materials into an exciting piece of underwear. The boxers are cut to the right length to eliminate chafing and sticking. These are performance boxers… for whatever the performance!


Show off your assets with a pair of Pump briefs. Classy and comfortable, these underwear elevate the right areas thanks to superior construction and eye popping colourways. Pump fabrics are soft yet durable, while mesh areas provide full breathability. The briefs are finished with strong elastics designed to stretch comfortably no matter how long they are worn.


Pump! Jockstraps are a bold alternative to briefs and boxers. The cup is made out of comfortable cotton, while keeping everything in place are soft yet sturdy waist elastics. Exciting colour contrasts make pump jockstraps a winner whatever the weather.


Going swimming? Pump! Have you covered.Their above the knee water short range are super comfortable and perfect for all water activities. Made from a unique micro-fiber, the SOFT inner mesh drains quickly. An additional invisible film on the outside wicks away water and dirt- drying quickly and making pump water shorts the perfect statement making beach attire.

Pump Brand History

Founded in 2009 in Canada, the brand is inspired by athletics but designed for everyday use. As a sporty brand, comfort and fit are of utmost importance. Materials are carefully sourced to the point some of the fabric is custom made just for pump underwear.  Combine this with the sense of fun encapsulated by the brand and you have a truly unique underwear experience.

While Pump Don’t specifically target any particular demographic, they have found a keen follow among the young, the fit and the sporty. Main styles are boxer brief, brief and jockstraps. However, the brand is constantly playing and looking for something new so look out for their one off designs.

Pump Underwear for men combines a sense of sport with fun fashion trends and daring ideas. But don’t let this fool you. Pump! Are eye catching underwear just as suitable for the gym, the park or the night club.

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