Butt Enhancing Men’s Underwear – Give Your Bum a Lift!

Butt enhancing men’s underwear is now hugely popular with body conscious males everywhere. Need some undies that’ll create a pert and squeezable butt profile? Need some undies that’ll create a pert and squeezable butt profile? We’ve found some cracking boxers, briefs, and jockstraps to create a beautiful lifted shape!

What Is Bum Enhancing Men’s Underwear?

Simply put, bum enhancing men’s underwear gives you a lift around the bum area. There’s a variety of different technologies used to achieve this effect.

Types of Bum Lifting Technology

Rear Padding

Lots of men’s underwear brands make use of subtle rear padding to create a pert and touchable bum shape. For the most part, these are made from foam. This type of padding is the most realistic and will feel natural if touched. There are some butt enhancing boxers and briefs that make use of silicone padding but whilst it looks great it’s super obvious if someone gives your bum a little squeeze!

Brands such as Rounderbum, ES Collection, Addicted, and Andrew Christian all feature butt boosting padded boxers and briefs.

Contoured Rear Panels

Clever use of stitching, shaping, and fabric can create lift that’s all you but carefully sculpted to create a great pert shape.

Andrew Christian’s  FlashLift technology offers this functionality, and Rounderbum’s “Lift My Day” range also offers a padding free option.

Bum Lifting Straps

Straps to  lift and push up the bum into a perfectly pert peach are most commonly found in jockstraps. The elastic around the tops of the legs lends itself to this function perfectly. Fans of this sexy male underwear style love that fuzzy peach look!

Best Brands For Butt Enhancing Men’s Underwear

Andrew Christian – without a shadow of doubt, AC is the king of underwear enhancements. You can often buy boxers, briefs, and jocks from this brand which combine several enhancing technologies into a single pair of undies. They do have a relatively high pricepoint, but it’s not just about fancy designs and paying over the odds for branding. Andrew Christian pack a lot of technology and functionality into their pants.

Rounderbum – As seen on Sharktank, this brand specialise in judicious use of natural looking padding to create a pert bum. They also offer the Lift My Day collection which creates invisible lift underneath clothing without the need for padded sections.

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