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Soft, sensual, sheer lace. L’Homme Invisible men’s lingerie offers sexy  styles that are as comfortable as they are erotic. Suitable for everyday wear, and created in masculine cuts this French label offers truly innovative styling.

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Brand History

In English, L’Homme Invisible means “The Invisible Man”. The brand was originally born in France in 1986, the brainchild of designer Patrice Chevreux. He wanted to create underwear that made men look sexy, whilst alse being comfortable.

In 2011, the label was acquired by Sandeep Sahni. With a new owner at the helm the brand has grown to be a market leader. The men’s lingerie sector is becoming hugely popular, as more males demand underwear choices reflecting their sensuality.

Key Men’s Lingerie Cuts

All of the men’s lingerie offered by L’Homme Invisible offers superb levels of comfort. All the items have been carefully designed to reduce the number of seams, and to include amazingly soft fabric.  A slightly stretchy polyamide / elastane blend ensures flawless wearability.


Choose from boxer briefs, boxer shorts, or trunks. Lace is L’Homme Invisible’s keynote fabric. It’s soft, sheer and stretchy textures make it look and feel incredibly sexy. Many of the boxers feature an enhancing pouch for that little bit of extra sex appeal.


All the most popular briefs cuts are available in a range of super sexy fabrics. Bikini briefs, tangas, and hipsters. All feature super naughty fabrics like lace, see through, and leopard print to let your naughty inner self roar.


Available in bikini or striptease cut, the thongs leave little to the imagination. Sexy styling is still somehow crammed into the smallest possible space.

T-Shirts & Singlets

Not just underwear, but a bit of outerwear too – the lace t-shirts and singlets are available in all the most popular fabrics. If it really pleases you, it’s possible to have a t-shirt that matches your underwear!

L’Homme Invisible offers an unparallelled selection of Men’s Lingerie styles. If you’d like to get in touch with your inner sensual self, give them a try. Their lace and sheer lines are hugely popular and the comfort won’t disappoint.

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