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Born in Canada and a fresh arrival in Europe, 2Undr Men’s Underwear has been designed in Canada and imported to Europe with a very simple aim in mind. “To create a high performance men’s athletic underwear line, with the versatility of everyday use”. The brand arrived on the UK’s shores in the summer of 2015, promising

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Sporty and active men in Europe can breathe a huge sigh of relief, as this brand promises to provide excellent support for your precious parts using high quality manufacturing principles and materials. As many sport-loving men will know all too well, when you are active your goolies need that extra bit of support and comfort.

2Undr Men’s Underwear features athletic stylings that have very quickly won them a plethora of fans in the sporting world. With brand ambassadors ranging from moto-x riders to fishermen, tennis players, and golfers, the brand is highly rated by blog commentators in the sporting arena.

At the crux (crotch?) of the functionality of these undies stands the Joey Pouch. This aptly named bit of underwear technology has been lovingly created to keep your precious manly assets away from the rest of your body. This revolutionary pouch allows you to bid farewell to those ball crushingly painful events that so often happen during sporty exertions. Chafing is reduced and airflow is increased. This clever combination means that you can enjoy comfort when being active, or on a day to day basis.

Athletic underwear is always popular in the UK market, we look forward to seeing bigger and better things from 2Undr men’s underwear in seasons to come.

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