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Impetus delivers high quality sports underwear to men who demand perfection. Quality construction combines with technical features to suit the sporty, active man. Their boxers, briefs, thongs, and long leg boxers feature fast dry, anti bacterial, warming and cooling fabrics.

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Impetus Brand History

Born in 1973 and based in Portugal, Impetus is a family run company which has grown to one of the biggest textile producers in Europe.

The business started with a staff of just six people and four knitting machines.  Impetus started out mostly producing underwear. The attention to detail and well selected materials make their products a hit among customers.

The secret to their success? Sticking to traditional values whilst embracing a high tech approach. Portugal has always been known for its quality textiles and Impetus weaves centuries of tradition with the latest technology when it comes to materials and production.

Impetus now produces over 3.7 million garments per year. They are so popular, you can find Impetus stocked all over the world. From their perfect cuts to eco friendly production methods, there is no shortage of reasons to make Impetus underwear the cornerstone of your underwear drawer.

Key Impetus Cuts

Boxer Briefs

The boxer. A timeless piece of mens underwear which Impetus has woven to perfection. Their boxer briefs combine the latest Tencell technology, firm yet soft elastics, and a classic design. Impetus boxers are the everyday backbone of any man’s underwear needs.

Long Boxer

Natural talent is only one part the secret to sporting success. The other part is preparation. The mind, the body, the soul need to harmoniously combine in the quest for victory. The right underwear is part of this too. Impetus long leg boxers ensure that vital areas receive the right airflow and prevent irritation – just one more vital ingredient en route to victory.

Long Johns

Nothing beats the warming sensation of sitting by a roaring fireplace on a cold winter’s day. Unfortunately, fireplaces aren’t portable. This is where impetus long johns come in. Warm and comfortable, they are the perfect second layer when the temperature drops.

Mini Briefs

Everyday underwear gets the impetus treatment. Comfortable, reliable, these classic skimpy brief cuts are made with the latest materials ensuring a 24/7 perfect fit.


For when you want your underwear to a minimum, Impetus have you covered… Just about! Exceptionally soft and perfect for all occasions, Impetus mens g strings are there for when you need a discreet underwear statement.



Maintain perfect temperature with boxers fit for going to the moon. Featuring thermoregulatory microcapsules designed for astronauts, these underwear keep their cool 365 days a year.


Fully breathable and fully comfortable materials designed for a cotton like second layer of skin- the high tech fibres give a warming yet comfortable sense of wellbeing.


Comfortable endurance for perfect performance, impetus sports underwear is built to win. Perforated panels allow air to pass through, helping you maintain perfect temperatures during your sporting activity.

Soft Premium

Tencel is the luxurious material evolution your underwear draw didn’t know it needed. Softer than silk and cooler than cotton, Tencel is manufactured using a sustainable and wastefree process ensuring that your vitals and your conscious can breathe easily.

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