Among the sexiest of men’s and women’s designer underwear, the Pull In brand is one of those makers that never fails to please. With retro look boxers and briefs alongside more modern attempts at the classic looks there is much to choose from, and the diversity of the range is simply amazing.

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A collection that is all about colour, this is one for those who like to have a little fun with their underwear, and whether you are wearing it to be seen or just to know that you have wacky fun underwear on the choice is yours! We feel it would be a waste to keep this glorious gear under wraps!

For the boys the brilliant Ikone boxers with their computer icon pattern are a must, as are the beautifully patterned Orange boxers – that’s the fruit, not the colour – while for girls the very sexy and minimal Moon range of briefs is worth checking out and the pretty and very summery Circus design a worthwhile investment!

For maximum impact underwear there can be little better than the Pull In range, for there is everything here from plain and bright colours to stunningly outrageous designs that are as original as can be, and yet the quality is superb throughout, as are the prices.

It is difficult to get the balance between the fun and the stylish right – all too often it goes over the top – but this is one maker that seems to have hit the mark every time.

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