There seems to be a belief among makers of quality men’s sportswear that a small selection will do; whereas girls get pages and pages of websites devoted to their collections, us men end up with a handful of offerings in basic, simple colours that we are – seemingly – forced to make do with. This is not the case at Rufskin, however, for here we have found a brand that is original, different and offers a wide selection of excellent designer men’s sports and swim wear at some truly amazing prices.

Made to the highest quality standards and from the very best materials, Rufskin gear is at the very top of the tree when it comes to comfort and attention to detail; no expense is spared on the design front and there is no skimping on the quality side. This brand understand, all too well, what a man wants when he wants designer sportswear, and while function and form is all the rage in the series of stunning fighting shorts, there is a great touch of originality and innovation when it comes to colours, patterns and trimming.

Rufskin is a brand that has experience in the market place and therefore understands what is going on; never one to be left behind by changing trades, here you will find some simply brilliant designs of shorts, tees and more that will leave you delighted you have chanced upon the range. We don’t know of another range this diverse and attractive, and at such an excellent price.