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Rufskin is primarily a jeans brand representing the sun-soaked Californian lifestyle. Its ranges also include underwear, swimwear, sports gear, and loungewear. The styles are uniquely sexy, featuring a strong sporty look that sets them apart from anything else on the men’s underwear fashion market today.

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About Rufskin Brand

The brand was born in Southern California in 2002. The founders Douglas Coats and Hubert Pouches met in Paris when working in the fashion industry. They later moved to California together and Rufskin was born. They founded the jeans brand after seeing a gap in the market for low slung, sexy men’s jeans in the USA.

The name Rufskin is from a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phrase which means “tough skin”. This presumably reflects the strong focus on high quality and materials that is a core part of the brand ethos. To maintain this, Douglas and Hubert have entirely designed and manufactured all lines in California.

Rufskin Key Collections


The denims are designed to enhance the male form. Sexy, low slung, and exquisitely tailored – these jeans are for body conscious men who like to wear clothes that stand out from the crowd.


Rufskin underwear centres on sporty cuts. Briefs, bikini briefs, tangas, jock straps, and of course hipsters form the core ranges. We particularly love their use of denim in the underwear ranges, including some strappy styles secured at the hips with D-Rings.

Sports Styles

This is sportswear with a sexy twist. Tight fitting sporty leggings are suitable for any sporting activity, with patterns designed to create a contouring effect around legs and bum. You can also grab yourself some super shiny and lightweight nylon sports shorts. These are cut to show off those hard won quads, because if you’ve put in a lot of gym work there’s no point in covering it up


Rufskin’s signature swim styles are skimpy and feature eye poppingly bright colours. Skimpy cut bikini swim briefs and swim tangas will appeal to the body conscious male who prefers an eye catching, barely there look.

You can see the entire Rufskin range in all it’s denim-clad glory on their website!

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