Boxer Briefs

The fusion between boxers and briefs, giving you all the style of the longer legged versions with the minimalist cut of briefs. How can you possibly lose?

The world of men’s underwear was changed forever back in the 1930’s when the American firm Jockey introduced the men’s brief, and then followed it with the truly revolutionary – and still contemporary – y-front that dominated the market from then on. There have been many changes in the style and substance of men’s underwear since, but this just has to be one of the coolest. All the originality of the traditional shape that everyone knows and loves, combined with a hint of flirtyness with the shorter leg length.

As their name describes, this highly popular cut offers a combination of the advantages of boxers along with those of briefs, and as such are a neatly fitting and very supportive, not to mention extremely comfortable, garment that has become extremely popular with both wearers and designers in recent years.

Cut to toe the line in between the two popular cuts they are considered among the most easy to wear of men’s underwear styles, and with some very famous names embracing the style it is little surprise that they continue to emerge in different colours, styles, patterns and ideals as the years go by. From plain and simple to golly gosh darned downright daring – the choice is yours.

A man needs different types of support and protection to a woman and in different places, which is why men’s underwear has evolved in a completely different fashion to women’s; lately, however, men have had the added pleasure of new styles and the use of more innovative materials, and many items are appearing on the markets that would not have been seen a few years ago. This cut stands among these as very versatile, popular and sensible additions to the already existent men’s underwear styles.

Choose from top designers and a range of top class styles – we reckon this cut is already a classic and here to stay. It appeals to a wide range of chaps, from the unadventurous to the downright effervescent.