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Have you ever wished you could send your package into a room before you, to introduce you to the crowd? Well no problems. Joe Snyder men’s underwear & swimwear has got you covered. Their bulge pouches are the stuff of legend!

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About Joe Snyder Men’s Underwear

The brand hails from Mexico and was born in 1958. Its origins were in a chain of menswear stores which sold all the usual male clothing items you’d expect. In 1971 Jose Vargas Snyder joined his father’s business, and spent several years in the trade. The knowledge and insight he gained led him to believe that there was demand for a new type of daring and sexy underwear.

With that insight, the Joe Snyder Men’s Underwear brand was born. Fast forward to today, and the company sells 500,000 garments a year across ranges that include underwear, swimwear, t-shirts, and pants. All feature a distinctly sexy twist, daring cuts and a sensual personality. The Joe Snyder bulge pouch is known for its unusual, erotic shape.

Joe Snyder Underwear & Swimwear – Key Cuts

All of Snyder’s cuts are bold and sexy and makes heavy use of figure hugging fabrics such as lycra and spandex. Shiny textures and sheer lace and mesh are also featured to maximum effect.

Boxer Shorts

All of the Joe Snyder boxer short ranges feature uniquely shaped pouches. The everyday “cut for men” boxer short and boxer trunk ranges are all made from ultra soft cotton. The boxers also feature contoured pouches for support and comfort. The contour pouch has an insert for an optional pad which creates a sexy boost to the bulge. Bum lifting functionality has also been included, as has an anti roll waistband. For this price point, the underwear really is jammed with features.

If you love to show a cheeky bit of bum, you’ll love the more adventurous cheek cut boxers. These are cut high at the back and on the leg to show off your best features. Single layer, contoured pouches create the most flattering fit possible.


The everyday “cut for men” bikini briefs feature super soft, stretch cotton fabric, and contoured pouches with inserts for boosting pads. These styles are tagless for everyday wear and complete comfort. There’s a huge range of skimpy bikini briefs with naughty cut outs, bulge enhancing pouches, and super tiny cuts.

The Joe Snyder briefs range has one of the smallest cut pair of bikini briefs we have ever witnessed. The “Bikini Kini” is so small it’s nearly a thong, the coverage at the rear is a skimpy tease of fabric.

Thongs & Strings

So many different cuts, you’d never think a designer could do so much with so little fabric. However, Joe Snyder really does believe in “less is more” when it comes to their sexy strings and thongs. Teeny pouches are suspended precariously on incredibly fine string, and the famous and highly structured Bulge Pouch creates an amazingly erotic shape for your package.

Joe Snyder Swimwear

The swimwear styles reflect all the same sexy cuts as the underwear. Skimpy shiny fabrics with sexy cuts to make you look super cool by the pool. The bulge enhancing technology deployed by the brand has been used to very great effect in their swimwear ranges. The bulge bikini ensures that your penis arrives at the pool a good five minutes before you do. Talk about a good first impression!

You can see more of the ranges on the Joe Snyder Men’s Underwear & Swimwear Website!

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