Emporio Armani Men’s Underwear

Famously advertised by Justin Bieber, Emporio Armani Men’s Underwr create quintessentially stylish designs for men who like to take a luxurious approach to their wardrobe. Deconstructed lines and a pared down silhouette characterise this high end designer undies label.

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Brand Profile

Emporio Armani underwear for men is a world renowned range created by the high end Armani label. Founded in 1974 by Giorgio Armani and his business partner Sergio Galeotti the label has been creating high fashion clothing, underwear, shoes, accessories, and fragrances for both men and women ever since. Giorgio was a designer for top fashion house Cerruti before leaving to create his very own label.

Made in Italy, Born in Hollywood

The Armani ranges first rose to prominence after Giorgio began to get work styling suits for top Hollywood names in their films. Richard Gere was dressed by him in the movie American Gigolo, and this exposure led to an explosion in demand for products created by the Italian label. These days discerning gents can buy an just about everything from this top end label, right down to their underpants (and that’s our personal favourite out of all their many ranges).

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