Exotic, sensual mens underwear designs by German label ManStore Guywear feature truly eyecatching designs, vibrant colours, and amazing fabrics. If you wear their boxers, briefs, or strings you’re probably not the shy and retiring type!

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ManStore underwear is yet another import from Europe, where the men like their undies to be a little more expressive of their sexy personalities.  The label has garnered a huge amount of fans here in the UK with its daring designs and bright colours.  Alfonz Kreuser, founder of Olaf  Benz created the underwear label for blokes in 1989.  He is an inspirational figure in the world of male underwear fashion, overseeing all of his ranges personally – he is dedicated to creating underpants and swimwear for men that is truly inspirational.  Exotic mens styles are his passion – and it really shows in his ranges of g-strings, mini briefs, and pouches featuring daring sheer fabrics, sparkling detailing, and raunchy textures.

Chemnitz in Germany is where Manstore underwear is created, with 70 employees dedicated full time to the manufacture and design of their exotic ranges for men.  If you have been searching for some truly daring, sexy underwear that expresses your essential maleness this is probably the brand you’ve been looking for.