Funny Men’s Underwear – A Sexy Novelty For Bedroom Fun!

Sex doesn’t have to be serious, and funny men’s underwear can be a great way to laugh your way into bed. Perhaps a hilarious posing pouch featuring the traditional elephants trunk, or a sexy waiter theme? Whatever tickles your fancy, men’s novelty underwear is great for lighthearted sexy fun, or jokey seasonal gifting.

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Funny Men’s Underwear – A Guide To Different Novelty Underwear Types

Posing Pouches

Posing pouches have been one of the most popular types of funny men’s underwear for decades. Often given as jokes, more than a few fellas have tried them on and discovered just how good their penis looks when it’s dressed up as an elephant’s trunk! The enduring appeal of googly eyes and naughty jokes will make sure these novelty undies stay popular.

Loin Cloths

Me Tarzan, you Jane! Practically required uniform for the lucky stag on his big night. Loin cloths do also have appeal beyond the hilarity of novelty men’s underwear. Those who enjoy bedroom roleplay often find these cheap and cheerful outfits provide some sexy inspo. Common variations are: Tarzan, Gladiator, Egyptian slave, and lets not forget caveman.

Peephole Pants (Blowjob Undies)

Although unmistakeable hilarious, there’s a strong erotic intent behind this type of male underwear. Usually sporting a “fabric gloryhole” there’s really only one reason to put on a pair of these peephole pants. The promise of the blowjob that’s happening later is the real gift when you buy a pair of these.

Sexy Costumes

Doctor, doctor, show me your bedside manner! Sexy Men’s Costumes represent some seriously sexy fun at a novelty price point. So many opportunities for roleplay, and a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Top Occasions For Novelty Men’s Underwear


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a hilarious novelty gift under the tree. What else is there to do after way to many sherries and your fill of mince pies? It’s time to break out the sexy santa boxers, or slip into that christmas present themed thong for her to unwrap. Funny men’s underwear is a great way to break up those dark Christmas nights with a bit of sexy sparkle!

Valentine’s Day

If you want to give your love a hilarious sexy surprise on valentines day, it’s time to meet them at work with their present in your novelty underpants. Just to be on the safe side though gents, take a more traditional valentines gift too. It’d be a bad time to discover your partner doesn’t share your hilariously sexy sense of humour.

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