Novelty Underwear

From hilarious posing pouches featuring the traditional elephants trunk or waiter theme to Tarzanesque loincloths – our selection of fun and frivolous mens undies is sure to please!

What is it about underwear that provokes a sense of fun and frivolity in designer’s minds? Perhaps it’s the inherent naughtiness of keeping something hidden, or maybe the playful element of two people exploring what is to be explored, but the fact remains that there is a vast market for novelty underwear and not just for women: novelty men’s underwear is a very popular area of the market indeed.

We could be referring to the simple patterned boxer shorts – perhaps with flags of nations, cartoon characters or other humorous adornments – or to any of one of hundreds of lines of funny, flashy novelty briefs, but the biggest area of novelty men’s underwear – as it is with women – comes in the form of some very sexy, yet inherently amusing, designs that have been around for many a year.

Posing pouches are part and parcel of the novelty underwear market, a design that enhances the parts meant to be enhanced to an extreme and very daring degree; novelty underwear that comes in the form of a g-string, covering only the frontal extremities and exposing the buttocks, also sells very well, and many brands have emerged that are dedicated to producing such items.

From leather to mesh, metallic finishes to cotton, it’s all here in a series of collections that leaves nothing to be discovered – this is the most innovative and original area of the men’s underwear market of all, and one that needs serious exploration. Don’t be shy, delve into the more outlandish areas of men’s underwear, and have some fun!

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