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Comfort is sometimes a forgotten aspect of the men’s underwear world, especially when it comes to designing fashionable and original garments, and that’s why it is always great to see a brand such as Magic Silk appear on the market.

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Magic Silk is not just a brand but a concept, too, one that is based around just about the most comfortable and impressive material that has ever been seen in the men’s underwear world. This material, used in many guises and particularly impressive in the semi sheer jock strap range, is supremely comfortable on the skin and light to wear, and gives a feeling of luxury that is hard to replicate. The range is varied and original, too, with many different designs and colours available across an innovative selection of styles.

The lightweight silk is particularly impressive in the range of Thruster briefs, a classic design that draws on the qualities of the new material to present a stunning selection of red and blue briefs, while the very daring Mustang design with its pointers to the posing pouch genre also strikes us as innovative and interesting.

Surprisingly inexpensive yet very much steeped in exclusivity and luxury, the Magic Silk range stands alone in a market that is dominated by the mundane. There is nothing ordinary about this range, nothing that is left to chance, and everything is presented with a view to giving the wearer the ultimate in luxury, support and comfort, and all in some very exciting and extremely original new designs.

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