Men’s Jockstraps – More Than Just Sports Gear

Maximum support with minimum fabric – Men’s Jockstraps create a great profile and a fabulous “barely there feel”. If you are a man who likes his underwear daring this is definitely the style for you. Sporty and active males will testify their efficiency, but jockstraps are about more than athletics and playing football now!

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In recent years, this underwear type has been re-imagined as a high fashion designer garment. Many sexy men’s brands such as Andrew Christian and Gregg Homme have created undies which are erotic, stylish, and comfortable. A lot of men like the naughty feel of a jockstrap but want an undergarment which has all day wearability.

What Are Jockstraps?

This type of underwear is formed by an elastic waistband with a support pouch attached to the front. There are also two elastic straps which run from the base of the front pouch, around either side of the bum, and are fastened to the waistband at the rear.

This underwear cut has been around for a long time, originally invented in the 1870s by an American company. They needed a protective undergarment for their employees who were delivering goods on bicycles. Due to cobbled streets, many of them were suffering terrible nut crush on the job. The idea was to lift the family jewels, keeping them away from the bicycle seat where they might get mercilessly minced during a hard landing.

Like many good ideas, the jockstrap was quickly adopted as a protective item for high impact sports. This is where the tradition of referring to sporty chaps as “jocks” came from. You know you are important when your underwear choice defines you.

Jockstrap Cuts

You wouldn’t think that there were different cuts to this underwear type, however there are some variations on the strap and cup theme!

Jock Briefs

These are a hybrid between jockstraps and briefs. They offer the backless fit that’s become so popular with many male underwear enthusiasts, but feature briefs at the front. These are often designed with a sporty look.

Jock briefs have a surprise bringing up the rear, offering full frontal coverage with a cheeky open back. This cut often has butt lifting properties, for example the Andrew Christian Bubble Butt Strap.

Swimmer Jockstrap

No really. It’s a thing!

These straps are not just for men who like to be the centre of attention at the pool. Much like their traditional athletic counterparts, these are / were worn for sporty purposes underneath other swimwear.

These days, the term refers to a slight variation on the strap theme. They offer a more slender elasticated waistband, making them ideal for anyone wishing to team them up with low cut clothes such as hipster jeans. Some men find that the thicker elasticated waistbands will tend to fold over on them, so this is a more comfortable underwear option for them.


Lots of people have questions about this very masculine underwear cut, which usually features an athletic look.

Who Buys Jockstraps?

He shoots, he scores… and all from left field! Jockstraps are a little out there for some guys but their origins are as an item of protective clothing. Nobody likes crushed or well shaken nuts, particularly when playing high impact sports. Their firm entrenchment in the locker room might well be at an end, but there’s still a hardcore of active blokes who treasure the support.

Why Wear A Jockstrap?

The short answer to why anyone would wear a strap is because they enjoy it! Many people still wear them for sporting activities, but for the most part men will choose to wear this daring cut because it makes them feel good. We have looked at the many reasons to wear a jockstrap in more depth as well as a comprehensive investigation of why some runners might need to wear a jock strap.

Why Do Jockstraps Have Open Backs?

You can’t beat the glorious feeling of your cheeks swinging free, right? Except they don’t, because they are bum cheeks. Jock straps were originally highly functional items. Their sole purpose was to protect the genitals with a secure pouch up front.

The rear being exposed for sports purposes creates the best freedom of movement. Good ventilation is also important. When jocks were used purely for protective purposes, they’d have been used to hold a protective cup. Jockstraps consist of a pouch plus elasticated straps, which left flexibility for athletes to add other underwear or protective items as necessary.

Why do they have open rears these days? Because a lot of men enjoy the combination of great crotch support and a sexy open back. The gay community in particular have embraced this masculine underwear cut, and they now form a large part of the jock strap fan base. The excellent support, butt enhancing functionality, and naughty peek a boo styling have fed support for the fashion jockstrap.

If you don’t feel comfortable with an entirely open back, but are interested in flirty and minimal underwear cuts, you might consider a thong or g-string for men.

What Are The Best Jockstrap Brands?

There are lots of sexy men’s underwear brands in the retail space, most of whicj offer a line of jock underwear. Here at Blokes Undies, we have 3 favourite jockstrap brands:-

Andrew Christian

You can’t go past Andrew Christian Jockstraps for just about any of the more daring men’s underwear types. Despite jock underwear having limited opportunities to create fashionable features, he manages it time and time again throughout the collection.

Particularly pleasing are his ranges of jock briefs, which feature a standard brief cut at the front, with a naughty open back at the rear. Andrew Christian has become the go to brand for the gay community, so it’s not surprising he has focused so closely on an almost bewildering selection of styles.

Modus Vivendi

Back on the other side of the Atlantic, Modus Vivendi is well known for it’s sporty, preppy underwear designs. Always sexy, the ranges of jockstraps offered by this Greek brand will appeal to body conscious males who like to combine comfort with high fashion. Many of the collections offered by Modus Vivendi feature wide and comfortable elasticated waistbands and strapping combined with exotic and fun fabrics.

The front pouches are always incredibly well engineered on Modus Vivendi briefs. Active, gym loving men are a large part of their target market. This creates a good balance of form and functionality.


The Sukrew jockstraps are all about the anatomical pouches. The UK brand, which stands for Sexual Unity Crew doesn’t have the huge variety of fashion styles offered by other labels. However, for true fans of this underwear cut, the brand is well worth a try.

Choose from their traditional strappy jock, or try out their V briefs. These feature a comfortable anatomical pouch at the front, and a cheeky surprise at the rear!

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