Jock Straps

Maximum support with minimum fabric – Jocks create a great profile and a fabulous “barely there feel”. If you like your undies daring this is definitely the style for you – sports fans and active fellas will testify to their efficiency, but straps are about way more than playing football these days!

He shoots, he scores… and all from left field! Jockstraps are a little out there for some guys but they are, for the most part, highly functional undies items. Their firm entrenchment in the locker room might well and truly be at an end, but there’s still a hardcore of active blokes who treasure the great support.

The jockstrap is often thought of as merely a sporting garment, and it is from those original protective devices that the concept sprang, but these days it is a display item, a posing pouch for the discerning man, and the sheer number and variety of designs and styles on offer can be quite bewildering.

Many of the premier men’s underwear manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that jockstraps are increasing in popularity these days, and this has led to an influx of new designs on the market. In particular, those that draw their influence from surfer style have become very popular indeed, and being a minimal item jockstraps are not expensive in any way at all.

Whether on the beach – there are many jockstrap designs that are swimwear garments – or in the bedroom the jockstrap is an item that will never fail to grab, attention, and this is why it is not a garment for the man who does not want to stand out. However, as more men become accustomed to the new trends in underwear there is little doubt that additional makers will add the garment to their ranges, and this can only mean more variety for all.