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Sometimes a man wants to help shape the bits of his body that he would like to draw attention to, and when it comes to the buttocks and the male package it is now the case that ranges of very impressive anatomical men’s underwear are available from some excellent and highly regarded designer brands.

The purpose of anatomical men’s underwear is to help firm the area around the buttocks and the frontal projection, and to do so by creating a more athletic and attractive shape by way of the garments worn. At one point, and still in some cases, this was done by including padding in the underwear, but these days many manufacturers have utilised modern materials and design and production techniques to make items of underwear that push up the buttocks and contain the front package in a neatly designed and functional pouch that adds both comfort and style to the man concerned.

This allows, in some cases, up to an inch to be added to the buttock line, and raises the buttocks giving a firmer and more impressive appearance, whole the additional pouch and its supporting apparatus gives precisely the image the man wants to present.

In many ways anatomical men’s underwear is a follow on from women’s lingerie which has always been an aid to shaping and enhancement, but these days the men are as demanding as the women when it comes to buying underwear that not only feels good and looks good, but which also helps him to achieve the right shape and style.

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