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Men are often kept in the background when it comes to designer clothing, but with the esteemed brand Timoteo nothing could be further from the truth. This impressive and innovative range of men’s designer clothing comes highly recommended, and with some absolutely stunning logo based designs it is little wonder that men are taking to Timoteo in their droves.

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From colourful and brash t-shirts to a range of excellent underwear, available in many different styles and a wide variety of colours, the Timoteo range is not one for the shrinking violet but instead a very versatile and impressive range designed to get you noticed wherever you may be. At once daring and original, as well as attractive and of a high quality, Timoteo represents the very best in men’s designer wear and comes at a very affordable price.

Famous for the scroll logo decorated waistband on the range of exquisite underwear, Timoteo makes no bones about who it, or the wearer, is; this is high quality for the discerning man, and the choice is simply amazing.

From the impressive and imposing Quake Super Low range of briefs – with many different colours to choose from – through to the surf-inspired Bulldog and Athletic V range of t-shirts, Timoteo has it all and there is more besides. It’s not only Tees and underwear, for there is a range of swimwear, pants, and more to entice the buyer looking for that something different, that something which makes a wardrobe complete and beyond compare. Timoteo has it all – you’ll like it!

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