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Deliciously daring and devilishly tiny, fan’s of men’s swim strings are not scared to show off their bodies by the pool or on the beach. This is male swimwear that you really need to be incredibly confident to wear, its a tiny scrap of string plus a pouch between you and total nudity.

Despite men’s swim thongs being small on fabric, they have a surprising variety of designs and functionality.

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Types of Men’s Swim Strings

Not sure what sort of swim strings for men might be best to hit the beach in? Most fans of this type of swimwear enjoy the barely there feel.

Bulge Enhancing Swim Strings

One of the most popular types of pouch, a nice bit of bulge enhancing technology will create a pleasing crotch profile. German brand MANstore have some particularly popular enhancing pouch styles on their swim strings. The tower pouch is particularly unique and well worth a try for any man who enjoys well cut support and flamboyant swimwear styling.

Ergonomic Pouch

Its easy to find male swim g-strings that offer an ergonomic pouch. These offer a more natural feel that allows the male anatomy to hang a little freer.

Choose from a range of top designers including the legendary Olaf Benz and sexy men’s underwear specialists Joe Snyder. Small or not, the many labels who devote design time to these small yet perfectly formed pieces of pool fashion have managed to come up with an almost bewildering list of men’s string styles. Choose from bulge enhancing to really make sure all eyes are on you as you rise for your morning dip, tanga thongs for that extra bit of style (and fabric).

Hipster cut, suspensor, tower, minis, low cut, there’s a positive cornucopia of cuts for discerning gents to choose from. Perhaps our very favourite is the pouch string and add some sexy shiny fabric? Bliss!!!!

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