How To Measure For a Chastity Cage

Before you buy a chastity cage, it’s a good idea to learn how to measure for one. When you understand the dimenstions of your junk, you’ll be able to research appropriately sized cages for your needs.

Many male chastity devices, like the CB 3000,  offer a customisable fit. Cages like this offer a variety of spacers and locking pins which let you create a device the right shape and size to lock you away perfectly.

However, some have a more fixed range of sizes. It’s going to be painful and possibly dangerous (penis / ball necrosis anyone?) if you buy a penis cage that’s too small, and you’re not going to experience the full thrill of denial if you let yourself off too lightly with a generous fit.

Getting Started – What You’re Measuring For

The two parts of a male chastity cage that need to be measured for
The two parts of a male chastity cage. It’s important that they will properly fit around your genitals for safe and pleasurable chastity play. Fortunately it’s easy to measure your junk!

There are two parts to male chastity cages, the ring that fastens around the base of your penis and around your scrotum, and the cage that covers your shaft. Most cages have a tip that is designed to go around the glans, so penis girth and length need to be taken into account.  You’ll also need to measure around the area where the ring will sit. Your “junk-cumference” if you like.

Before You Start Measuring

Temperature is important when measuring your penis. As you’ll know, the size of the male appendage tends to change in response to temperature. Therefore, to get an accurate measurement we recommend you get your tape measure out after a nice warm bath or shower. It may also pay to follow the below instructions at different times of day so you can judge how your size changes throughout a normal day.

banana with measuring tape coiled around it
Don’t measure your penis for a cage when it’s this hard. We’re looking for floppy but happy!

It does go without saying, don’t get an erection when you’re trying to measure yourself. If you get excited you’ll need to wait until your second brain has calmed down a little. Whilst your measurements will be more impressive if you’ve got a semi, you may end up with a poorly fitting cage which will impact your enjoyment of chastity play.

How to Measure For A Male Chastity Cage

soft measuring tape
Grab a soft measuring tape and measure those bits!

1. Measure Around Your Scrotum and Penis

Using a soft measuring tape, measure around your scrotum and penis. This will let you understand what ring circumference you will need. Some adjustable cock cages will have adjustable rings where you can build your own fit. However, where there’s less flexibility this measurement will be more important to know about.

2. Measure the Length of your Flaccid Penis

Grab yourself a ruler, tuck it in on top of your penis, and get the end of the ruler  as snug  to your pubic bone as possible. Don’t press it right in or you’ll measure too long. Make a note of the measurement from base to tip.

3. Measure Your Girth

Measuring girth of a penis is a little more tricky. There can be a lot of variance of girth along the length of a penis shaft, so if this is the case for you it will pay to take a few measurements in different areas to make sure you get an accurate idea of size.

Either use a measuring tape, or a piece of ribbon and loop it around your shaft. Take a few measurements in different areas. Divide your measurement by 3.14 to work out the diameter of your penis. Compare all your penis diameter measurements, and work from whichever is largest.

Buying Your Cock Cage

Now you know how to measure for a chastity cage! With your measurements in hand, you can hit the online shops. All cages will have length and diameter specified. If you’re looking at a cage and are worried it might be a little snug, make sure you give yourself slightly more room to play with.

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How To Fit a Chastity Cage

Hopefully if you’ve measured yourself correctly and ordered a chastity cage that offers a good fit, most of the work will already be done.

In terms of putting it on when it arrives, any two piece device will need the cock ring to be put on before the cage. It’s important to use lube before you get started to ensure there’s no friction when you are fitting.  Our comprehensive guide to putting on a chastity cage will see you right.

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