Male Chastity Cages – Guide to Best Chastity Device Buys

Male chastity cages –  the anticipation is unbearable and you love it! These devices are a must have for anyone who makes abstinence and orgasm control a regular feature of their play. Available in metal, plastic, or silicone there’s a huge variety of male chastity devices to choose from. It can be difficult to work out what the right cage for your needs might be.

Thou shalt not pass – no orgasms for you!

With that in mind, we’ve created a user’s guide to all the things you need to know when finding the right cock cage for your male chastity needs.  

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What Does a Male Chastity Cage Do?

Erection denial is the order of the day with chastity cages. A well fitting cage should lock you snugly away and prevent you getting hard.

When you wear a cage, if you begin to get excited, your developing erection will be frustrated by the cage around your penis. It will not come off without a key to unlock the fixings. Your keyholder will let you know when you’re allowed to be set free.

How Should a Chastity Cage Feel During Wear?

A cage should fit just like this. A little wiggle room, and no digging into the skin. Perfectly secure, but safe!

A male chastity cage should fit snugly and should not be causing any discomfort.

Despite the unyielding nature of materials such as metal and plastic, if you’ve bought the right size cage and fitted it well, you should be able to wear it during everyday tasks.

The cage fit should be snug, but there should be a little bit of “wiggle room”. Not enough for an erection, but enough to stop chafing and discomfort.

A safety note: a cage should never feel tight. Blood flow to your joy department shouldn’t be restricted during wear. The skin on your genitals should remain the same healthy colour as always. If this changes, take the cage off immediately.

How to Choose the Best Cage

A cage to lock away your penis can cost a reasonable sum of money. It’s also something that you’ll be wearing right round a very delicate area of your anatomy. Good blood flow is vital to the health of your genitals. For that reason, it’s very important to take the time and do a bit of research to make sure you buy the best penis cage for your needs.

There are two vital first steps to chastity heaven:-

  1. Get The Right Fit – You are unique, and so is your package. Because a cage needs to fit perfectly around your genitals to stop erections, you need to get the right size. To do this, you need to know how to measure for a chastity cage. Most cages available to buy online will have information on the dimensions. Take the time to measure yourself, and when you go shopping you’ll have a better idea of how the measurements relate to your needs.
  2. Choose the Right Material. Getting the right material for your cage will depend very much on your own preferences and body type. If you aren’t sure how materials such as metal, plastic, and silicone will feel wrapped around your penis and testicles, our guide to how the materials perform will help!

Our buying guide looks at the different cage materials, what it feels like to wear them, and suggests the best buying options in each type.

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Male Chastity Cages Buying Guide

If you don’t know how it feels to wear a chastity cage, or if you want a quick and easy guide featuring overviews of real user experiences when wearing the cages our buying guide will help!

First you need to decide on…

Cage Material – Metal, Silicone, Or Plastic?

Just as important as ensuring you are buying the right sized penis cage, is considering what type of material you’d like to lock away your cock in. With that in mind, here’s a few bits of chastity shopping inspo for you to consider!

Metal Chastity Cages

How Will a Metal Male Chastity Cage Feel? Unyielding, firm and weighty. You’ll be aware of your locked away status for every second spent in one of these!

Dominix Deluxe The Prisoner – great for beginners

This is a great metal cage for beginners. It’s reasonably priced, and will let you dip a toe into wearing a metal chastity device without breaking the bank.

Featuring a two part construction, it has a weighty brass padlock and comes with it’s own set of keys. Just don’t lose them, eh?

  • Best Feature: 5 Inch cage works well for larger penis sizes.
  • How it Feels: Non adjustable space between ball ring and cage reduces sensation.
  • You Should Know: This cage may not fit all body shapes. There are no options to adjust.

What Did Buyers Think?

The Pros

This cage was highly rated on the Lovehoney website. It averages 4 out of 5 stars with users reporting a great experience during wear. At this price point, it’s a positive sign.

The Cons

All of the 1 star reviews, and many of the 2 star reviews on this product related to it not fitting properly around the ring area. It may be that this cage is snug fitting, but this demonstrates the importance of measuring yourself for a non adjustable cage like this one.

Torment Stainless Steel Adjustable Cock Cage – Good for more experienced users

This cage is a good option for those who are already enjoying chastity play and want something a little more edgy.

Other than being adjustable to accommodate different sizes of genitals, It’s main features are it’s weighty stainless steel construction, and it’s erection busting properties. There’s no way you’ll get a hard on when you’re wearing this, meaning it’s a very effective bit of denial kit.

  • Best Feature: Fully adjustable, utterly erection proof.
  • How it Feels: Weighty & Rigid construction for unforgiving wear.
  • You Should Know: This cage is very heavy and may not be discreet.

What Did Buyers Think?

The Pros

This stainless steel cage was very highly rated by reviewers on the Bondara website. At the time of writing it’s average rating was 4.5 stars out of 5. The key positives reported by reviewers were it being adjustable meant men with larger penises could be effectively caged. Also, one reviewer reported it had thwarted all his attempts to escape. No key, no fap!

The Cons

Very few downsides to this cock cage were reported. However, one user reported its weight gave him issues with his underpants. You may need a good supportive pouch in your pants to wear these out and about. Also, you may experience a little chafing due to the weighty scrotum ring.

Silicone Chastity Cages

How will a Silicone Cage Feel? Silicone male chastity cages are far more soft and pliable than their metal counterparts. They are highly recommended for beginners, or anyone who wants to be locked away in a little more comfort.

Bondara Dicktator Silicone Adjustable Cage – Smooth and stretchy yet snug

black silicone chastity cage with brass padlock on top

Soft and smooth silicone construction makes this a very comfortable cage. Suitable for everyday wear or occasional play, it’s fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes. The stretchy silicone creates a snug fit, so if you like to feel completely encased and trapped, this could be a great option.

  • Best Feature: Can accommodate most sizes.
  • How it Feels: Soft, smooth & snug wear experience.
  • You Should Know: This cage is on the large side and may not be discreet.

The Pros

This silicone cock cage has a 5 star rating on Bondara. Reviewers report a soft and comfortable fit which is also tight and restrictive.

The Cons

Minor, but some found the adjustable ball ring a bit fiddly. The large size of the cage means it might not be discreet to wear in public.

Master Series Detained Stretchy Soft Cage – Stretchy transparent & reinforced underside

Stretchy see through silicone male chastity cage. Don’t be fooled by it’s soft and squishy looks though, it’s got a reinforced rubber underside complete with erection busting curve. No pleasure when wearing this, only denial! There are no metal parts on this chastity device, making it perfect for discreet wear under clothes.

  • Best Feature: Very easy to put on compared with other chastity devices.
  • How it Feels: Stretchy, snug fit, with rigid curved underside.
  • You Should Know: Some found this cage too tight, and there are concerns about it’s durability in the longer term.

The Pros

The master series cage has a 3.5 out of 5 star rating on Lovehoney. Despite the reviews being a little mixed, people who liked this stretchy cage were happy with how easy it was to put on and play with. It’s worth noting: all of them used lube to successfully wear it.

The Cons

A lot of less positive reviews mentioned the cage breaking after a few uses, or being very difficult to put on, many of them had not used lube. Some purchasers found the snug fit was uncomfortable or just not to their liking. Another common complaint was that it was not restrictive enough and didn’t always prevent erections.

Conclusion: This might not be an effective cage for anyone who is more serious about chastity and not being able to escape. It might not stand up to rough play. It’s likely to be most suitable for anyone who enjoys a restrictive feel without it being rigid.

Plastic Chastity Cages

Plastic male chastity cages are just as unyeilding as their metal counterparts, but they’re a lot more lightweight. They won’t be as secure and unyielding as their metal counterparts, which means they could be broken apart without using the key. Less secure, more emergency friendly.

CB-6000 Plastic Cage Kit – Lightweight & Discreet

The CB-6000 is a very popular and high quality transparent male chastity cage. This is reflected in the price tag which is well over £100. Fashioned from medical grade polycarbonate, its ergonomically designed to keep you locked away and frustrated. The frustration doesn’t have to mean discomfort however, its vented construction keeps you nice and cool and helps minimise sweating and chafing.

  • Best Feature: Lightweight with users reporting excellent cage fit and comfort.
  • How it Feels: Light yet secure.
  • You Should Know: There were some reports of the seams coming apart on this chastity device and causing pinching.

The Pros

Overall, this male chastity device scores 4.4 stars out of 5. Pretty solid scores given the price point will lead to increased expectations. Those who rated the cage highly were pleased with the fit, and the overall comfort of the cage for longer term wear.

The Cons

Out of 84 reviews at the time this was written, only 4 were 1 or 2 stars. There were users who reported quite a lot of discomfort in terms of nipping whilst trying to find the right fit. There were a couple of instances of the plastic cage seam failing, causing it to open and cause pinching. The manufacturer states this is rare, but it would be worth checking the seams of the CB-6000 before use.

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