Hipsters Vs Trunks – Spot The Difference Between Two Boxer Short Cuts!

What’s the difference between Hipsters vs Trunks? Boxer shorts are boxer shorts, right? Nope. There’s subtle differences between the various cuts of this popular underwear type.

Both names have common usage in the wider world, yet in the underwear world take on a whole new meaning. Both are great pairs of underwear but be careful when choosing between them as there are certain key differences. So how to choose when it comes down to hipsters vs trunks?


Hipster boxer shorts are cut to have a low and torso revealing style, sitting on the hips rather than on the natural waistline.

They are also short in length, making them a great pair of underwear to wear under shorter shorts. The cup is built to be supportive, but they generally aren’t recommended for sports.

  • Low waistline, slung around the hips.
  • Supportive pouches ensure they keep everything in place
  • Designed with aesthetics in mind: hipsters look good!


Trunks are a type of boxer brief featuring a short mid calf leg length. Particularly suited to narrower legs, they work very well under shorter shorts, whether casual or for sports.

  • Short mid calf length.
  • Waistband sits higher, where the natural waist would be.
  • Can be used for both casual or athletic situations

The key difference between trunks and hipsters is that trunks have the same higher cut waist as boxer briefs, whilst hipsters are slung around the hips.

When it comes to underwear, there isn’t really too much of a difference when it comes to hipsters and trunks. In fact, they could easily be placed in the same category and the style and length variations really depend on the brand. Aesthetically, they tend to look better on narrower or gym toned legs. On wider legs, the lack of length can cause the material to bunch up and ride up the leg. Either way- both look good, so don’t stress too much when choosing between hipsters vs trunks! 

Hipsters vs Trunks – No Wonder People Get Underwear Confusion!

Lets clear up a little of the history of these terminologies. No wonder English is an incredibly difficult language to learn.

Hipster History: Why is the Name For a kind of boxer brief, and a trendy alternative type the same?

In the 1940s, a hipster was a lover of jazz, an aficionado of bebop and groove. Their name came from the 1930s term for a dancer, and originates in the movement of the hips during the act of funking and grooving. Swinging their pants if you like (we’re here all week, try the veal!).

Hipsters were known for their relaxed mindset and open minded sexual nature. The movement continued until rock n roll came to the fore and american subcultures changed. In the 2000s, the hipster subculture is back, but this time it is negatively associated with people who claim to be original and authentic yet are actually following a wider trend.

In the underwear world, the hipster, with its low waistline, is an evolution on the boxer brief cut predominantly for aesthetics. So in many ways, the name is both physically accurate and descriptive of a very cool type of underwear cut. You can also buy low slung hipster men’s swimwear!

Trunks? Why are my underpants named after a large item of baggage?

In underwear terms, trunk became part of the terminology around men’s boxer shorts and swimwear back in the mists of time. Underwear used to cover a large portion of the body including the “trunk” which describes the male torso. Why? Because central heating hadn’t been invented, and neither had proper windows, doors, and insulation.

If you’re british, a trunk is a kind of large old fashioned box used to carry belongings –  usually when travelling to boarding school or far away destinations. shopping, and other items.

As the name suggests, trunks could be great for carrying your junk. And this is true. Designed to be the hybrid of the already hybrid boxer briefs, trunks are cut to be longer than briefs but shorter than boxer shorts.

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