Why Wear a Jockstrap?

Jockstraps, what’s all that about eh? They must be cold around the bum, look unusual, and yet they are everywhere. So…

Why Wear A Jockstrap?

The simple answer is that for those who have tried them, jockstraps are incredibly comfortable and practical men’s underwear. They’re also sexy and make you look great!

Straps have become hugely popular within the gay community, so you might say that they’re gay underwear icons!

Here’s Our Top 6 Reasons Why Men Wear Jockstraps:-

1. Protection During Sports

The original purpose of jockstraps was to protect men’s crown jewels during high impact activities. They were originally created to protect the balls of Victorian bicycle couriers who were suffering severe crotch trauma from riding on cobbled streets. Sporty males soon realised what a great idea protecting this delicate area was.

There’s a good reason they’re called jockstraps – this is it!

The jockstrap is named after it’s popular association with high school jocks who were its most common user for many years. Today, many sportsmen still wear straps and many active males wear them for the great support they offer during general sporting activity.

2. Jockstraps are Incredibly Comfortable

They might not look it, but straps are incredibly supportive and comfortable. The function of the pouch is to create great support, grabbing and holding your genitals. If you get fed up having to discreetly adjust your junk in public places, this could be the underwear for you. The elasticated straps which sit around your bum are soft, comfortable, and can provide a bit of butt lift. Some straight men feel that its popularity with gay men means they can’t wear them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any man can wear underwear that makes them feel good.  Sexy even!

3. They Are Also Incredibly Cool…

Jockstraps - Sporty Man In Trainers
Just Add Trainers… the ultimate personal air conditioning!

Hot weather? Never fear, the ultimate in personal air conditioning is at hand! You won’t be getting a sweaty crack with a jockstrap in your underwear drawer. Great for ensuring adequate air movement at the rear. The pouch will lift your package away from your body and minimise unfortunate outbreaks of sweaty balls in your nether regions.

4. They’ll Never Bunch Up

Briefs and boxers tend to bunch up around the tops of the legs and in your bum crack. When you wear a jockstrap, you’re getting maximum support with minimum fabric. No pulling bits of fabric out of your nooks and crannies. Win win!

5. They Are Sexy. There. We Said it. Jockstraps Are SEXY!

Sexy Male Body in Jockstrap
What’s NOT Sexy About This?

Men’s underwear can and should be sexy. Jockstraps lift and sculpt the package and many now come with enhancing pouches to maximise that bulge.

The straps at the rear can lift and shape your butt, creating a great profile underneath tight fitting clothes. The underwear cut is very masculine and modern fashion styling has definitely lifted the jockstrap out of the lockerroom . Many men enjoy wearing straps everyday, all day. Some for the practicality, others because they enjoy knowing they’ve got some sexy undies on underneath their office wear.

6. Jockstraps Can Make Your Butt & Package Look Great

The elastic straps around the butt can lift and shape your buns to perfection. Andrew Christian has a whole heap of bum enhancing jockstraps in a huge array of designs.  You can also find a whole range of enhancing pouches on straps. From the ultimate lift to hang free ergonomic pouches for fellas packing a little more up front, if you’ve got a pouch need there’s a unicorn strap out there waiting  for you.

Have We Convinced You Why You Should Wear A Jockstrap?

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