Small Chastity Cages – Best Tiny & Tight Fitting Devices!

If you need a smaller fit, it can be difficult to find the right tiny chastity cage that’ll lock you away with no possible escape. Smaller cages are a popular enhancement to sissy play and humiliation fetishes.  

The snug fitting cages can be harder to find, but worry not. We’ve taken the hard work out of your next cage purchase. Our dedicated team of kinksters have hunted the naughtiest corners of the web to find the perfect, most punishing cages in extra small sizes.

What are Small Chastity Cages Used For?

Small chastity cages are for those with smaller penis sizes, and also those who enjoy a tighter fit. A tiny chastity cage is more likely to push the penis back a little. This is to make erections completely impossible. Not even a hint of hard will happen when you wear one of these. It can be a “squished fit” but should not be too tight.

Whilst these cages are often used for sissy or punishment play, you should never wear a cage that is too small. Any restriction of blood flow around the penis area is a terrible idea. So, before you buy a tiny cage please first follow our guide on how to measure yourself for a chastity cage.

Our guide will help you to move forward with your purchase having worked out how to interpret chastity cage measurements provided by retailers. You’ll end up with a much better fit, and the chances of you buying a cage that will be unusable due to being the wrong size, will be greatly reduced.

Featured Tiny Chastity Cages

How to Put on a Small Chastity Cage

Putting on a small chastity cage is usually the same as any other cage. It’s important to lube up, using the most appropriate lubricant for the cage material. Don’t forget to use water based lube if your tiny cage is made from silicone. Other than that, just use the lube that works best for you.

Remember that small penis cages are designed to fit more tightly. This means lube will be essential when putting it on, as will making sure you’ve bought the right size. When buying a small cage, it’s much more likely that you’ll run out of space.

Small Metal Chastity Cages

There’s nothing more unyielding than a firm, restrictive cage made from metal. When you wear a tiny metal cage you’ll be acutely aware of the weight during wear. A constant reminder that there’s no erection or orgasm for you until you are finally unlocked.

How does a small metal cage feel? During wear you’ll be aware of the cold unyielding metal. The weight of the cage will mean you’re constantly aware of it.

Cage or Shield?

The construction of small metal cages vary. 

With a snug fitting cage over the head of the penis, you’ll still be able to touch and rub skin poking through those ends. Some eager beavers have reported still being able to orgasm when locked away in one of these snug fitting cages. If this sounds like chastity heaven to you, opt for a cage.

If total denial is the order of the day, you’ll be looking for a solid metal shield. These have holes large enough for urination (with care!) but not large enough to touch. Want to drive your sub insane? Try holding a vibrator on the cage. It will drive them wild with desire. But not for too long, we wouldn’t want to provoke an undeserved release!

Best Small Metal Cages

Let’s take a look at the best small sized metal cages the internet has to offer. We’ve checked out both cage and shield fits.

We recommend…

Exile Deluxe Locking Confinement Cage – Shield cage with discreet lock

This cage is an incredibly snug fit. It’ll  compress the penis so it’s barely visible and held securely in place. It’s a heavy cage which means you’ll be constantly aware of it. It’s also very discreet. Unlike many similar cages the lock is integrated which means there’s no tell tale rattle during wear. The shield on the end means there’s absolutely no chance of penis stimulation, and the handy holes make bathroom breaks possible.

You can create the perfect fit with the 3 O rings.

small metal chastity cage with integrated lock and short length


  • Integrated lock for discreet wear.
  • Heavy metal construction.
  • Shield cage with holes for urination.

Good For:-

  • Extended chastity play.
  • Discreet wear experience.
  • Pushing penis inwards.

Small Silicone Chastity Cages

Silicone chastity cages in smaller sizes will let you enjoy that restrictive fit, but without the added frisson of pain during arousal.

A small silicone cage will still provide proper erection denial, but that tiny bit of give will mean the sub will still get a little bit of a thrill before the erection is cut short.

We recommend…

Dominix Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage – best for a fit with a tiny bit of forgiveness

Silky smooth silicone will restrain the penis in complete comfort. This model from Dominix Deluxe has a short 3 inch cage length and a set of U rings in different sizes to let you create the best fit. We aren’t entirely sure that this silicone cage is rigid enough to let you inflict true denial. But if you like a mix of pleasure and restraint during your play, this is worth a try.


  • Silky smooth silicone.
  • 3 inch cage length
  • Stretchy texture.

Good For:-

  • Creating a snug fit.
  • Bathroom visits.
  • Airport security discretion.

Small Plastic Chastity Cages

A plastic or polycarbonate chastity cage in a small size can be excellent for long term wear. If you want to punish your sub with a bout of extended wear, medical grade plastic can be a great way to go. It’s strong and non reactive, meaning that you’ll lock away that cock without creating any nasty rashes or chafing.

We recommend…

CB Mini Me Clear Chastity Cage Kit

Hypoallergenic medical grade polycarbonate make this premium cage a great and safe choice for extended wear. If you prefer a lightweight wearing experience, this is a great choice. The vented openings make urination easy. This is a great choice for long term wear.


  • 5 rings and spacers to create perfect fit.
  • High quality medical grade plastic construction.
  • Locking pins and spacers for custom fit.

Good For:-

  • Comfortable and practical for long term wear.
  • Constructed from medical grade plastic.
  • Humiliation play and sissy fetishes.

Small and tiny chastity cages are a great way to experience a more restrictive form of male chastity, and can be great for men with smaller flaccid penises.

Want to read about male chastity and what it is? Our Male Chastity Guide is a great read for beginners and anyone curious about this kink. Our guide on the best male chastity cages to buy is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to try out a chastity device for the first time.

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