How to Put on a Male Chastity Cage

So you’ve bought your first male chastity device and now you’re wondering what to do next? Our concise guide on how to put on a male chastity cage will make sure you fit it properly and safely.

metal male chastity cage with lock on top
Chastity cages can be very inflexible, so putting them on properly is vital!

First, you will hopefully have read a guide on how to measure for a chastity cage.  This will help you understand what size of chastity device is right for your needs.

If you’re happy with the cage you’ve bought, let’s jump right in to putting it on and locking you away in comfort.

1. Apply Lube Before Putting on the Penis Ring

We all know that a little bit of lube can make the world a better place for your genitals. This is even more true when you’re applying a male chastity cage to your crown jewels. Denial is a delicious sexual pleasure. Pain and chafing? Not so much.

  • Apply lube liberally to your whole penis. Do not get excited. You can’t put on a penis cage with an erection. If you do get one, you’ll need to stop and wait until your downstairs brain falls asleep again.
  • Slide the ring over your penis. The ring should be placed behind your balls so it is resting against your body. If you have measured correctly, the ring should fit comfortably and not be causing any pain. Pull one testicle through at a time. Do this slowly and carefully. It can help to tease your scrotum skin through first to guide your testicles into position.
  • How is the chastity ring fitting?  Your package should be sitting inside the ring with a bit of wiggle room, but it should not be loose enough that it’ll come off easily. If it is too tight, remove it immediately. Inadequate blood flow to your balls is not safe, and can cause long term damage. So that’s a nope.

2. Put the Chastity Cage Over Your Penis

It’s almost time to lock him away, but it’s important to do this properly and make sure the cage fits. A poor fitting chastity device will not give you a good chastity experience. So let’s do this right.

  • Place the cage over your limp penis. Again, do not get an erection or you’re going to hurt yourself. Pull your penis downwards to help get it through the ring.
  • Does it fit properly? The cage should not be pinching or chafing. There should be some “wiggle room” but it needs to be tight enough that you can’t get an erection.
  • Line up the pins on the ring and the cage.  These should line up neatly if the device fits you well. Lock them in place.

3. Lock the Chastity Cage

The final step, it’s time to bid farewell to forbidden erections and sexual pleasure.

  • Place your locking mechanism through the hole on top of the cage and fasten it closed.
  • Congratulations, you’re locked away! Give the lock a little jiggle and make sure it’s all secure.

Your next task is to hand your cage over to your keyholder. They’ll unlock you at the time you’ve agreed.

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Putting on a Chastity Cage – Other Suggestions

Male chastity should not be causing you discomfort such as chafing or pinching. Se we have a few suggestions to help minimise some common comfort issues with using chastity cages for longer term wear.

Trim Your Pubes

If you give your pubic hair a close cut, this will help prevent any hairs becoming caught in the cage. It will also let you see what’s going on during wear. When wearing a cage, you can experience comfort issues such as pinching, chafing, or bruising. Keeping yourself closely trimmed will help you be able to see where the problem areas are and try to resolve issues.

It’s probably not advisable to completely shave your pubic area. You might encounter itching and ingrown hairs as your pubic hair regrows. A little hair will help keep the cage comfortable and wick away some moisture. This will reduce chafing.


If you have put on your chastity device properly, and bought one that fits well, you should be able to wear it for longer periods. If any issues develop and you are experiencing pain, you might want to reconsider and look at buying an alternative model.

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