Permanent Male Chastity – Long Term Chastity Device Use

Permanent male chastity is something that those engaging in frequent chastity play might decide to consider as a long term option.  First of all, it’s important to point out that this does not always mean that the chastity cage will never be removed. Just that wearing it will be a permanent way of life.

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What would it be like having your cock locked away long term? Our guide investigates!

What Would Permanent Male Chastity Involve?

In this guide we’ll look at what a typical long term male chastity arrangement might look like. We will also explore some common concerns people have about being locked away full time. Long term term use of chastity devices can also create some common problems, so we’ll look at those and how to avoid them.

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What Might Permanent Male Chastity Look Like?

A male chastity agreement is very much an individual choice. But if you are going to be locked away for the long term, it’s important to enter into it by mutual agreement. The routine must work for both dom and sub.

The one constant is that a cage will be worn all the time, and only removed for short pre-agreed periods.

When thinking about how you’d like your agreement to work, consider:-

  • Boundaries around how long the cage was to be worn, and pre-agreed times and conditions for release. Some dynamics will include set times where orgasm will be permitted.
  • Personal hygiene the cage should be regularly removed to allow both it and the genitals to be cleaned. If you don’t clean your genitals, you’ll smell really bad. That’s not good. Also, allowing dirt to build up around the cage will increase likelihood of chafing and infection. And more stink. In conclusion, washing is good, stink is bad.
  • Setting a system for dealing with emergencies. If the sub needs to escape the cage urgently, there should be a pre-agreed way that they can do this. Medical emergencies do happen. Sometimes problems with the fit of cages can develop. It’s very important to be able to remove the chastity cage quickly if it’s causing issues with blood flow. Nobody enjoys necrosis in their genital area. Not kinky.
  • Agreement for review entering into permanent chastity might sound like a good idea now. But will it still be a good idea in a few months time? Could there be some unanticipated mental health issues that arise? Set a date in the diary to discuss your dynamic and see if it’s still working for both of you. Communication is important.

Common Health Concerns About Permanent Chastity

If you attempt to research long term chastity, it doesn’t take you long to run into some serious sounding consequences on the internet. However, most of these are not an issue if proper precautions are taken, and you’re wearing a properly fitted chastity cage.

Here’s just a few of the health concerns you might read are associated with long term wear:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Shrinkage of testicles and penis.
  • Nerve damage.

These are very serious sounding concerns. There have been no in depth scientific studies regarding the effects of long term chastity cage wear.

So could permanent chastity cause erectile dysfunction? This small study could not find any evidence amongst the 73 men surveyed. The common sense approach to locking yourself away would be to step back from the chastity lifestyle if you feel your ability to maintain erections has been affected. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of mental stress as well as physical issues. The emotional effects of limiting your sexual function will vary from person to person. Make sure your locked away status is constantly reviewed with your Dom.

Making Sure Your Cage Fits Well

The most resonant health concern about male chastity is that of nerve damage. This is entirely possible. You should never wear a cage that causes pain, or alters the blood flow around your privates. If you want to wear a chastity device long term, make sure you buy a device that suits your anatomy. If you are wearing one and it’s causing pain, or restricting blood flow you must remove it immediately.

Best Chastity Cages For Permanent Chastity

Most problems with long term wear of chastity devices will arise from two problems. First, the ring being too tight, and second the cage being too long. If the ring is tight, it’ll cause chafing and discomfort. In serious cases it might result in blood flow being restricted. An overly long cage will result in issues urinating, leaving urine trapped in the cage and on your penile skin. Another source of chafing, and unpleasant odours.

Before you choose your perfect cage, follow our guide on measuring yourself for a chastity cage and make sure you get the right fit.

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Best Cages for Long Term Wear

Extended wear means a different set of selection criteria than a cage you’re going to be locked away in for a few hours or days. It’s important to practise self care when wearing a chastity device constantly. Make daily use of the right lube to suit your cage material. This will reduce friction and improve your wear experience.

Here’s the types of cage we’d be looking at using to wear for extended periods:-

Plastic Cages

Plastic cages can be good for extended wear due to their lightweight nature. They don’t place weight on the scrotum, which can help prevent chafing.  They are less likely to make noise when you are going about your day to day activities, meaning discretion is assured.

Good for: No rattling, lightweight, reduce chafing.

Metal Cages

A well fitting metal cage can be a good option for extended wear if you can get one that fits well and is not too heavy.  It’s important to purchase one with a high quality metal, and make sure you get one with a good fit for your body shape.  If metal cages are too heavy, they can cause friction and discomfort. If they are a little loose, or cheaply constructed you might find they make a tell tale noise when you move.

Silicone Cages

Silicone is hypoallergenic. If you don’t get along well with metal, it can be a great option. That said, it’s important to remember to use water based lube with a silicone chastity cage. Silicone can still be a very secure option for preventing erections if you buy a quality model with a good fastening ring.

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