Male Chastity Belts – A Buying Guide

Male chastity belts are designed to keep you locked away and prevent masturbation or sexual pleasure. If you’re looking for a new bit of BDSM gear, or are interested in using a belt to try out male chastity play for the first time, our buying guide is here to help you find the right chastity device for some sweet denial.

We’ll help you find a chastity belt designed for men that keeps you locked securely away. Our team of adult product reviewers have conducted extensive product research and gathered the facts that matter when getting your kink on.

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What is a Male Chastity Belt?

Male chastity belts resemble a very secure pair of underpants. They cover the entire crotch area, with a full waistband and fastenings that extend around the rear or buttock area. The design can vary greatly, but all have a way to lock your penis securely away. Some also make sure you can’t enjoy anal pleasure.

a leather male chastity belt with steel studs on the crotch
A typical male chastity belt.

Most are designed for short term wear as part of BDSM play. Unlike male chastity cages, you can’t go to the bathroom in most styles.  Generally speaking, they’ll be worn for the duration of a

What is the Difference Between a Male Chastity Belt & Chastity Cage?

A chastity belt for men covers the entire groin, and often extends around the rear. A chastity cage is designed to be fastened around the base of the testicles and penis only. A cage can be used for extended wear.

A typical male chastity cage.

One difference between how chastity belts and cages function is that a cage is always used for orgasm denial. A men’s chastity belt can also be used for forced orgasms as well as locking him away to deny his erections.

Male Chastity Belt Designs

There are different types of functions and designs you might consider when choosing which chastity belt for men. Our overviews will help find a belt to your fit preferences for BDSM play. Because of the shorter term ways that chastity belts tend to be used, there’s a lot of variance in form and function.

There are 3 main types of belt or harness:-

Chastity Belts With Exterior Penis Cages

A male chastity belt with the added extra of a cage to lock away the penis is an interesting fusion. This style may suit anyone who likes the sensation of a penis cage, but has issues fitting the restraining ring around the base of the testicles.

We recommend…

Bondara Luxe Leather Male Chastity Harness with Cock Cage

The Bondara Luxe chastity belt fuses two chastity device styles flawlessly. The leather briefs lock you away front and back. The cage secures the penis without need for testicle rings. Perfect for a spot of tease and torment.


  • Metal penis cage with padlock.
  • Underwear style harness for inescapable fun.
  • Adjustable straps for a good fit.

Good For:-

  • Extended use due to open end cage.
  • Versatile play removable chastity cage.
  • Anyone who loves wearing unyielding leather.

What the Reviewers Say

This fusion between cock cage and leather chastity wear has been a hit with the reviewers. An average 5 stars has been awarded by happy purchasers of this harness. “Chastity Heaven” was one description of the BDSM fun that had been enjoyed wearing it.

The Pros

Those who loved this belt enjoyed:-

  • The ability to enjoy the penis cage without fitting a ring on their testicles.
  • Affordable price point.
  • The kinky design.

The Cons

Those who did not rate this highly said:-

Delightfully, we could not find anyone with a negative review of this product.

However, we’ll keep this section open for the next time we update this buying guide!


This chastity belt looks like an absolute winner for anyone who loves the feel of steel around their penis. It’s very wearable, and the fusion between chastity cage and chastity belt is very kinky. The simplicity of fit seems to be the big winner here.

Want to know more? Hit the Bondara site!

Belts with Cock Rings

Delicious teasing restraint for the sub – chastity belts with built in cock rings will restrain the penis for simultaneous pleasure and denial.

We recommend…

DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Harness with Butt Plug and Cock Cage

This leather harness has 3 cock rings to lock him away. As an added tease, an integrated butt plug will arouse and massage. The pleasure built into this leather harness is inescapable. The belt can be adjusted at the waist and through the groin. Buckles allow the straps to be adjusted to create a fit he just won’t be able to escape.


  • 3 metal cock rings to lock him up.
  • Rubber butt plug.
  • High quality adjustable leather straps.

Good For:-

  • Restraint play.
  • Open rings for forced denial or orgasm.
  • Anal penetration from 6 inch anal dildo.

What the Reviewers Say

The Dominix Deluxe Harness had mixed reviews from some users. As with any one size fits all product, the main issues people encountered seemed to centre around getting the fit right. That said, an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 suggests that enough people loved it to consider this as the next addition to your bondage gear collection.

The Pros

Those who loved this sturdy leather harness enjoyed:-

  • The high quality thick leather construction.
  • The bonus of anal stimulation.
  • Comfortable fit, and wearability.

The Cons

Those who did not rate this harness highly disliked:-

  • The dildo being too soft.
  • Difficulties in achieving a good fit.
  • Butt plug not removable was restricting.


It seems like this male chastity belt is a bit of marmite for some purchasers. However, taking an overview of the reviews, our team has three suggestions if you are interested in purchasing this. Particularly after reading the review from the chap who thought it was a good idea to try and fit his already erect penis through the rings.

  1. Use water based lube around the penis and testicles as well as on the anal dildo when fitting.
  2. Take a little time to measure your body before purchasing this harness and make sure the dimensions would work for your shape and size.
  3. If you get an erection putting something like this on, it’s best to wait for your downstairs brain to fall asleep again.

Interested? You can find out more on the Lovehoney website!

Chastity Belts with Butt Plug

A big winner for anyone who loves the tease of anal stimulation combined with locking away the joy department. An integrated butt plug gives constant pleasure without release.

We recommend…

Bondara Luxe Men’s Leather Chastity Belt & Butt Plug

Chastity belt with a removable butt plug anyone? This versatile male chastity device has it all. Extremely kinky bondage styling with the combination of leather and studs. This is combined with a butt plug bringing up the rear for inescapable pleasure. The lockable pouch to the front with double padlocks keeps the penis locked away in true bondage style.

black leather mens' chastity belt with butt plug, metal studs, and triple padlock


  • Lockable front pouch with padlocks.
  • Kinky bondage styling with leather and metal fusion.
  • Removable butt plug for versatile BDSM play.

Good For:-

  • The thrill of denial combined with anal stimulation.
  • Stylish stud details and chains for kinky looks and feels.

What the Reviewers Say

This chastity belt had glowing reviews from everyone who’d bought it. Sporting a 5 star pedigree, it seems that the versatility and kinky looks on this belt made it a big hit with users.

The Pros

Those who loved this leather belt and butt plug enjoyed:-

  • The versatility offered by the removable butt plug.
  • Adjustable fastenings for comfort during BDSM play.
  • The very secure lockable pouch at the front.

The Cons

Those who did not rate this belt highly commented on:-

There were very few negative points, we had to take this from an overall very positive review:-

  • The hip belt can stretch during heavy use, this can allow the lock to slip through.


Kinksters love this belt, if you’d like to experiment with the dual pleasure of being locked away and enjoying teasing anal stimulation. Want to find out more? Check this one out on Bondara!

Male chastity belts are a popular item with BDSM fans. If you’ve never tried them now is your chance to give them a go. Hopefully our guide has taken a little of the legwork out of choosing your next bit of kink gear. Happy playing!

Want to find out more about male chastity and what it is? Our Male Chastity Guide gives a great and easy to understand overview!

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