Should Men Wear Thongs?

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Men’s Thongs But Were Afraid To Ask!

Men’s thongs are a hugely popular underwear item. They also seem to be considered improbable and even taboo by some. Many men are curious about them, but just aren’t sure if it’s OK to wear one.

If you’ve seen a thong creeping above someone’s trouser line and are now feverishly Googling to work out what you’ve just seen – he wasn’t wearing  women’s underwear!  Men’s strings are a thing, and they’re incredibly masculine and effective bits of undergear.

 If you’d like to know why men would wear thongs and if it’s OK to do so then read on. Here is the Blokes Undies guide to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about men’s strings and thongs but were afraid to ask!

Is it OK For Men To Wear Thongs?

It is absolutely fine for men to wear thongs! There’s a huge selection of thongs available for men to purchase. Why? Because lots of blokes buy them. What they don’t seem to do so much is talk about it openly.
In hot climates such as South America, thongs are mainstream underwear items for men. That’s because they’re really comfortable and great for keeping cool. Their minimalist construction along with great pouch support means that they are great for maximising air flow and minimising sweat. A practial choice for anyone living or working in hot conditions.

Are Men’s Thongs Healthy?

Yes, men’s thongs are perfectly healthy underwear items. There are no bad side effects. They are comfortable, offer great pouch support, and minimise sweating. If you’re looking to boost your fertility, you may be best to stick to loose fitting boxers for a while. This is the only reason we can think of not to be rocking a men’s string.

What Percentage of Men Wear Thongs?

Around 1-2% of men wear strings or thongs. Whilst this seems fairly low, it’s still a significant statistic. It’s not exactly mainstream, but they are around. It also depends on where you ask the question. There are far more men in locations such as Germany and France, as well as hot South American countries wearing strings. Particularly string swimwear for men.

Are Men’s Thongs Getting More Popular?

Yes, male thongs are increasing in popularity all the time. Lots of men are becoming more comfortable exploring different underwear choices and trying out new cuts. Thongs will most likely always represent a smaller share of the market than other cuts, but they have gained a significant fanbase in the last few years. This is likely to continue growing as more men try them and love them.

Are Men’s Thongs Comfortable?

Fans of male thongs find them incredibly comfortable. They’re very lightweight, and appeal to many men who prefer a barely there feel to their underwear. The string in the rear does not chafe in the way you might imagine, they are designed for comfort.

Can Men Wear Women’s Thongs?

Some men can and do wear women’s thongs. However, it’s probably better to find yourself a male version of the underwear to ensure you’re getting proper support. If some of the softer fabrics that are associated with womens undies appeal, these are available in male cuts. Because of their sensual look and feel there’s now an increasing amount of men’s underwear being produced in lace and sheer see through fabrics.

Why Do Men Like To Wear Thongs?

Men like to wear thongs because of how great they feel. This can be down to how comfortable a male string is, or because many men find them sensual to wear. A thong is also great for men who like to wear close fitting clothes – they eliminate VPL and some cuts have amazing bulge boosting qualities.

Where Can I Buy Men’s Thongs?

It’s easier to find men’s thong styles online. There are some high street shops selling them, but it can be difficult to find a reasonable range. The Blokes Undies shopping resource has a hand curated selection of men’s thongs from our favourite retailers. We’ve sorted them into categories we think you would find useful when shopping. Feel free to take a browse and let us know how you get on!

25 thoughts on “Should Men Wear Thongs?

  1. mark says:

    I tried thongs about a decade ago and have to say they are simply the most comfortable and supportive type of underwear I have ever worn. If you have not tried them I would recomend them unreservedly. Debenhams seem to be the only UK retailer to offer a range on the high street, which are good. I have also tried HOM thongs with Lycra and they are very comfortable.

    I believe we need to fight back against this unfair image of thongs as a “female orientated” type of underwear. We guys have more to support and a greater need for tight fitting underwear, but the more popular hipsters and boxers either offer no support or hinder a guy with huge swathes of sweaty material which is just not required.

    Try them once, get used to them and I swear you will never want to wear anything else. It’s not a gay or straight, male or female thing, just pure common sense!

  2. chris says:

    Sorry. Not comfortable. The bum strap irritates the freckle, and the pouch is inadequate.
    The most comfortable underpants I’ve tried are almost impossible to find: trunks with a flat front, NOT the kind with a pouch. Any makers listening? Commando isn’t always appropriate.

  3. Tom says:

    I agree completely with Mark. I tried thongs out of curiosity a few years ago and found them to be extremely comfortable. I think that any man who tried them would consider ditching his old underwear and wear them all the time.

    I am a happily married man. My wife wears thongs because she finds them sexy, practical and comfortable. I wear mine more exactly the same reasons.

  4. kandel says:

    I tried a thong once and it was a most uncomfortable experience for me. I prefer something a little more substantial like regular white underpants. Also I prefer to tuck my shirt inside my underpants and you definitely cannot do this with a thong
    although if you could it would certainly solve my problem of always having my underpants showing.

  5. richard says:

    Having been wearing thongs for over ten year i can thoroughly endorse the pro thong arguments.Aafter an initial adjustments they are very comfortable and supporting. Also my partner enjoys the presentation and insist on a quick floor show every morning.

  6. leigh says:

    ive been wearing HOM plumes now for nearly 1 year and i think they are the best thing to wear .they feel greatall day long , i wish ide found the heart to wear them years ago ,just pluck the courage up guys and tell your wifes that you have got a femenin side , my heart was racing when i showed her mine but she loves them and i cant get enough of them, what other brand would any of you recommend or are hom,s one the best.

  7. Steve says:

    Leigh, I’m totally with you where Hom Plumes are concerned. I wear thongs and g-strings all the time and have done for years and the Plume is the best. My wife totally loves them too – most women are supposed to hate to see a man in a thong but I think mine would leave me if I started wearing boxers! Gregg Homme t-backs are another favourite of mine.

    It certainly is a nervous time when your tell the woman in your life that you wear thongs but the response from my wife when we had not long met was that she didn’t expect me to wear them but that they are sexy.

  8. steve says:

    How snug should the bum strap be right after putting them on when standing up straight? Should it be resting on the anus? How high should it ride up when bending? I want to make sure I get a proper fit.

  9. Mike says:

    I agree with all the pro thong aurguments here…. Ive been wearing thongs for a few years now and my wife loves me in them..

    My favorite brands are hom and clever…

  10. Andres says:

    I bought my first thong when I was 16. Now Im 24 and I wear mostly thongs. They are great if you find the right brand and sizing for you. Otherwise they can be totally uncomfortable.
    My major concern was telling my girlfriends.. but only two of them ever new. My actual GF loves it, and she even buys them for me.

  11. Bob says:

    I started wearing thongs and G-strings about 2 years ago. The brand I first bought were the hom plume and they are the most comfortable and best supporting underwear I have worn at that time and brilliant while I’m working out and running. Another brand I have is MaleBasics. Their micro-thong and V-string are so much comfortable and better supporting than the hom as they are made from microfiber. I usually wear them all day/night and during sport activities and long distance running. I have even had girlfriends commenting how sexy they look on me. My confidence has never been so high especially I have been sleeping with more girls than ever before and they keep coming back for more. I also find during the hot weather that I am not sweating down below like I used when I was wearing boxers/briefs… especially when I’m running…

  12. michael says:

    i’m pro thong, i have been wearing them for at least 10 years my wife loves the look of me in a thong and regulary buys them for me at xmas and birthdays etc. My advice to those that find them uncomfortable is that you have probably got the wrong size, or you have bought the cheap tacky posing pouch type thong so try buying a bigger size from a proper manufacturer. Hom are mine and my wifes favorites and i have a large collection of the plume and fruits of temptation ranges, these are so light and supportive yet you can’t feel that your wearing them. It would be great if thongs for men became more mainstreem and available on the highstreet so try them out then spread the word.

  13. Phil says:

    I have worn thongs and strings now for ten years. The wife made me wear a thong when I had some White trousers and used to go clubbing years ago. They are so comfy but you got to get some good ones. The cheap thongs will hurt you and rub. It took me a few days to get used to the string rubbing but went really quickly. Have a few pairs of boxers but thongs and strings most of the time. The wife always gets me ace looking ones!

  14. Brian says:

    I have worn thongs for the last 11 years and I would not wear any other type of underwear as I find boxers, y fronts, trunks etc uncomfortable and warm. Stupidly jokes are made about a man wearing a thong potentially insinuating that the guy is weird. I wish many more retail outlets would sell them at sensible prices as some on line shops can be very expensive. My female partner thinks they are sexy and I feel good, secure, comfortable and sexy wearing them. It is important to get the right size (big enough) but sadly too many have not been tried and tested by men and are uncomfortable which would obviously put any new wearer off. Persevere to find the most comfortable pair and you will love them.

  15. Patrick says:

    I been wearing thongs now for about 15 years and I love them. I find them to be completely comfortable and supportive. Thongs are the only way to go men. Don’t know em till you try them. Plus it does always add a little extra spice to bedtime. The only problem I have with them is sometimes they peek out the back of my jeans and I give a show. But, the man in my life say who cares if they show it’s just underwear.. Now if I can only get him in a pair.. lol.. Thong on buddies…

  16. mark says:

    i am all for thongs for men. that said i will say that i wear tanga briefs also though only ones made by obviously for men. they have a kind of amazing stretchy pouch which really supports whilst making you feel as though you are wearing nothing. i have these in the thong version as well.
    i tried my first thong at age 25 and i bought it from british home stores in hackney.

    i was hooked on the amazing support offered by a thong ever since.
    not all of my girlfriends have liked the idea to be honest, actually my now wfe hated them at first but now tries to encourage me to wear my thongs every day as she likes me in them.

    the only reason i dont wear them every day is that they tend to show at the back of the trousers i have to wear at work.

    for this reason i am pro thongs for men but when its appropriate.
    i am not ashamed or embarrassed if someone knows i wear a thong though i dont feel that it is right for me to wear it when it may show and offend others.

  17. Rich says:

    I have been wearing thongs for a wee while now and have to say they are the most comfortable and supportive type of underwear I have ever worn. If you have not tried them I would recommend giving a go. Unfortunately however, male thongs have somewhat of an unfair image as they are often considered to be “women only” underwear. However, I find that unlike regular undies they don’t get as sweaty and are great not just for everyday wear but in the gym also! Get the right pair and you should have no prob’s. Happy shopping 🙂

  18. tony says:

    I wear thongs all the time have been doing for the past 14/15 years, I am now 30. I find they give great support to my balls and my partner loves them so much our sex life has never been better!!

  19. jason says:

    I wear MALE thongs I love them and so does my wife I am still nervous about wearing them in public but I’m working on it they are kinda expensive and are hard to find in Alabama I hate ordering them because I half to wait for them to get here I used to get a rash on my legs from wearing boxers to work but now ill wear a thong and poof no rash from my legs rubbing together and because of the support a thong gives me I don’t sit on my junk anymore I know gay guys wear them cause I have a friend who wears them but just cause of your choice in underwear does not make u gay or sissy or what ever u want to call it my wife loves it when I wear thongs they are cool when its hot I don’t have sticky ball syndrome or what ever ppl that hate on guys “straight or gay” that wear thongs are ignorant and closed minded every guy should try a thong or g string and give a review on it

  20. Gord says:

    I’ve been wearing thongs for years, first women’s (cheaper and easier to find!) But have found a great source of mens thongs. I wear CK One thongs everyday and something a little slinkier on the weekend!

    Overall they are so comfortable as everyone has pointed out. They look and feel sexy too, both my girlfriend and I wear them

  21. Thong Guy says:

    I have been wearing thongs as my normal, everyday underwear for 15 years. Wore them on-and-off for several years before that. Thongs have a bad rap, but really they are some of the most comfortable underwear around. Wish more guys would give them a try.

  22. Andy says:

    Guys I have been wearing thongs & g strings for at least 15 years if not longer and my wife loves them. Everybody is correct you need to get good brands and I have found that a brand called Skinxwear made of microfiber are very comfortable and I wear them all the time including to the gym. They are very supportive and after about two weeks most you won’t hardly feel them on your body, just try them a good brand and correct size.

  23. William says:

    Thanks for all the positive support from this blog! I was very embarrassed about how they made my private parts feal snug . But until now I know there is nothing wrong with wearing them as a straight man thanks for the support !

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