Men’s Thongs Vs Strings – What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between men’s thongs vs strings? They’re both the same, right? Wrong.

Mens thongs and g strings are designed to be as skimpy – and quite often as sexy as can be. Some styles are more functional than others, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Men’s Strings

A men’s string has a pouch attached to a very thin string of fabric that extends around the waist.

mens string with leopard print pouch
Strings are about absolute minimalism!

Round the back, another string runs from the waistband and runs between the buttocks. This attaches to the base of the pouch underneath the scrotum. This can only be described as underwear at it’s most minimal!

Key Features of Men’s Strings:-

  • Slender string runs around the waist and between the buttocks.
  • Minimalist pouch.
  • Very little support.

Is a male string a practical men’s underwear item? Probably not. They possibly will appeal to men who don’t like restrictive underwear. Many will wear a string for sexy fun rather than practical functionality.

Men’s Thongs

Men’s thongs have a little more fabric than strings. The waistband might be thicker, and there’s often a “v shaped” piece of fabric extending from the rear waistband. The front pouch is more structured.

grey mens thong with ergonomic pouch
Men’s thongs offer a more structured fit!

Where the thong passes between the buttocks, the fabric will taper to create a comfortable fit.

Key Features of Men’s Thongs:-

  • Thicker waistband.
  • More substantial construction.
  • Variety of support pouch options.

Thongs have a large variety of cuts / fusions. Some offer the front coverage of briefs in combination with the cheeky thong back. Many men swear by a thong for everyday wear, support, and comfort. The range of pouch support and styles available on thongs is comparable with most other underwear cuts.

How To Choose Between Men’s Strings & Thongs?

When it comes down to strings vs thongs, there isn’t a clear winner. Both are designed to look great, and both exude plenty of sex appeal. It really comes down to how much coverage you feel comfortable with. One thing is for sure though when it comes to looking sexy with your trousers off, both are winners when compared to anything your forefathers would have worn!

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When picking between g strings vs thongs, you should be aware that they generally sacrifice functionality for maximum sex appeal. They come in a huge range of cuts and styles, and are particularly popular among party goers and fetish lovers. If you’re meeting someone that’s screaming hot date tonight, then they are the perfect choice when it comes to looking good with your trousers on the floor.

A History Of Strings & Thongs

Did you know that a string-like construction was the first recorded men’s underwear style? Here’s a quick guide to the evolution of male underwear styles!

Over time, mens underwear has always evolved along both fashionable and functional lines. Back in roman and egyptian times, the loin cloth was the under garment of choice. In a way similar to a thong, loincloths were available in a range of styles, colors and materials.

Who’d have thought these guys invented the string? Sort of.

Over the course of time, the loincloth evolved into new forms of undergarment, such as the codpiece ( the revolutionary removable pouch that allowed men to urinate without taking off their trousers) and braies (mid length underwear made from linen worn by everyone from peasants to kings).

Then came the union suit- a kind of one piece suit for the entire body with waste exit flaps – and jockstraps- which were originally designed for cyclists to hold their crown jewels in place over the cobbled streets of boston. This brings us neatly round to 1935 and the introduction of the original y-fronts: briefs consisting of a number of panels with a y-front pouch for access.

As fashion has evolved and production techniques improved, we have moved far from our humble ‘loincloth’ and the 20th century saw the birth (or rebirth!) of two new styles which have reduced underwear to a minimum: g strings and thongs.

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