How To Fold Men’s Underwear

Laundry day no longer has to be a disaster for your poor underwear drawer!

Folding Men’s Underwear can seem a little difficult when faced with uneven shapes, and elasticated waistbands. However, it’s not rocket science and doing it properly can free up much needed drawer space for even more underwear and make your favourite pair that much easier to find!

Lay your underwear out flat.

Smooth out your boxers or briefs on a flat surface with the crotch facing upwards.  A firm surface such as table top or ironing board works best for precision folding.

Fold the left side of the men’s underwear into the middle. Then repeat with the right side.

This will create a rectangular tube of fabric. Make sure you don’t overlap the right and left edges of the underwear to prevent bunching.

Fold The Elasticated Waistband Down Into the middle of the shorts.

You can then bring the bottom of the underwear up to meet the waistband and tuck it inside.

This is a great method for underwear such as boxer shorts and boxer briefs which have plenty of fabric for tucking.

If you’d like a visual on how to fold basic men’s underwear types, check out this video from Judi The Organiser who shows three different methods for getting those underpants stowed away in flawless style!

These methods might not be great for things like jockstraps and men’s strings, but many of the principles will remain the same. Fold the bottom of the underpants up, then fold either side in to the middle of the pouch.

You’ll be glad that you got organised and learned how to fold men’s underwear when your drawer can hold twice as much jocks, briefs, and boxer shorts as before. What could possibly be better than a whole lot more excuses to indulge in some hot men’s underwear fashion?

3 Simple Ways To Fold Men’s Underwear Video

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