Addicted Underwear Workout Video – Gratuitous Men’s Undies Video Of The Week

Addicted Underwear, a brand that knows what it wants. What’s that? Gratuitous excuses to show off fine male physiques in the most provocative situations possible if this video is anything to go by. It all starts off pretty standard for a glossy fashion type promotion, a good old workout, attractive model, plenty of muscles, some nice stylish men’s gymwear.

And then… the shower afterwards. Clearly this man has some form of shower phobia, the poor wretch. Thankfully, he has great support from his friends because about five of them turn up to keep him company in there.

Yes, I will ask them where we can all sign up as members to this place. Pun intended.

Looking forward to seeing more from this brand in 2018. In every sense of the word 😉

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