TBT: That One Time When Henrik Stenson Stripped down To His Boxers at WGC-CA Golf

Golf is such a boring sport. I’d rather watch the greens get mowed than the game itself. However, even golf has moments of underwear based excitement, as was evidenced waaaay back in 2009 when Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson stripped to his boxers to tackle a particularly troublesome golf shot at the WGC-CA championships. The bold Swede needed to extract his ball from thick gloopy mud on the third hole and didn’t want to spend the rest of the day soaking wet and muddy.  His solution?  Strip down to the old boxers and climb on in wearing naught but his Bjorn Borg underwear and his trusty golf glove! The unfazed golfer later quipped “I don’t think I scared too many spectators off the course…I hope… You never know, I might have a new endorsement with Playgirl or something like that.”
Saving his ball from a muddy pit whilst proudly sporting his Bjorn Borg boxers.
Ahhh… those madcap and heady days back in 2009. How nostalgic it makes me feel. Borg is famous for its easy to wear and comfortable undies designs.  We reckon that the Swedish tennis supremo would be well proud of his fellow countryman’s antics on the course, and the free advertising.

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