Men’s Crotchless Underwear – 5 Hottest Crotchless Panties For Men!

Men’s crotchless underwear – if you thought it was just for the ladies you’re sadly mistaken. There’s been a big increase in the amount of men’s lingerie on the market in recent years. Males are increasingly connecting with their sensual side. This is filtering through to underwear choices and many men have discoverered the pleasure of  wearing traditionally female fabrics such as lace.

We’ve found some amazing crotchless styles, many in sexy see through lace fabric. All at budget friendly price points, so great value if you’ve never tried wearing open crotch men’s underwear and want to dip a toe in!

Best Men’s Crotchless Underwear

We love our lace here at Blokes Undies, so let’s take a look at the best crotchless panties, briefs, and boxers we could find from our favourite retailers!

Male Power Lace Crotchless Boxer Shorts

Ooh, cheeky! These pure virginal white lace boxer shorts are almost entirely crotchless. Open at the front and the back, these are great male panties to let it all hang out!

crotchless white lace hipster boxer shorts

The semi sheer lace looks and feels incredibly erotic. The elasticated waistband is stitched into the lacy fabric meaning every inch of these boxers gives the delicious thrill of lace on your skin. The front opening lets you display every inch of what you’ve got to offer, whilst the rear is open to give easy access to your behind.


  • Sexy semi sheer white lace fabric.
  • Crotchless design, and also open at the back.
  • Hipster boxer cut.
  • Comfortable enough for all day wear.

Bondara Man Crotchless Lace Boxers

These boxers have two sexy surprises. Open crotch at the front, cheeky keyhole at the back for easy access so you can enjoy some anal play during your naughty fun

crotchless black lace boxer shorts

The soft, sheer black lace is thrillingly sensual on the skin and the floral pattern is very sexy. Lace panties (manties if you like) are a great choice if you’ve never tried out crotchless panties for men before. Their low price point means that it’s easy on the pocket to experiment with this more feminine fabric and adventurous cut.


  • Sexy figure hugging fit.
  • Experience the thrill of soft sensual lace.
  • Easy access at the front and back.
  • Elasticated waistband for sheer comfort.

Male Power Poseidon Fetish Thong & Shorts

And now for something completely different! If your tastes drift a little more towards sexy men’s fetishwear this set from Male Power offers lots of naughty options. The thong is completely detachable. This means you can start your fun with your crotch and behind covered completely, and remove it later to bring all your naughty bits out to play.

black fetish shorts with detachable thong.

The posing pouch at the front has Velcro fastenings meaning it can be quickly ripped off to create an entirely crotchless fetish underwear look. The thong at the rear is also attached with Velcro to O rings. These can double up as fastenings for some BDSM play.

The lycra fabric gives the look of leather or PVC but with a much higher degree of comfort and ease of movement.


  • Detachable posing pouch to create crotchless look.
  • Versatile O rings.
  • Sexy wet look lycra fabric.
  • Detachable thong rear.

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