Getting Set For a Daring Summer With Olaf Benz BLU 1200 Sun String`

It might only be February here in the UK, but with spring right around the corner it’s not going to be long till we’re all prepping to pack the bags and hit the beaches of Europe. For all you guys who like daring continental styled swim strings, the new Olaf Benz Sun String has got to be a crowd pleaser. Its simple lines and popping colour makes for a great bit of swim kit.
Simple styling combined with fresh and funky colours have made the Olaf Benz string swiwmear a top selling line. Often difficult to find in the UK, we’re pleased that retailed DGU has recognised the demand for continental swimwear styles here in Blighty.
Bringing up the rear is the star of this show. The back detailing on this swim string is simple and flattering to create a great shape.
The central seam on the pouch gives great shape to this string, and with a lined pouch it offers good coverage for active beach types. This is a stalwart bestseller for DGU, so definitely a must-pack item for your jollies this year. DGU has an extensive selection of mens swim strings from Olaf Benz and other retailers. You can check them out here. All image credits go to DGU with our thanks!

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