Boxair – Innovative Sperm Boosting Undies

We’ve all heard the advice for guys trying to start or add to the family. Temperature is everything when it comes to the production of healthy sperm with that fertile spring in their step! However, if the thought of those formless traditional cotton boxers gives you the willies (and not in a good way), then we’ve discovered the charms of Boxair Men’s Underwear, a new-to-the-UK brand designed especially to boost male fertility.
Cool, crisp, comfortable... and fertile!
This guy is wearing his Boxairs and has his eyes on the prize. Look at the determination. Cool, crisp, comfortable… and fertile!
High on style and cooling functionality, the Boxair Underwear range will help eliminate that threat of heat based fertility issues. These guys are passionate about their pants and have poured cutting edge fabric and manufacturing technology into the design of their pants. From specially designed cooling fabric which contains natural minerals to innovative pouch design and cooling side construction. It’s all there, it’s all sperm friendly, and it’s a must have for the chap about town who wants to go forth and multiply. In fact, these boxers are good for anyone who likes to keep their crotch from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. Any active chap who likes to buy carefully crafted undies and wear them in complete comfort will be interested in these. Each and every aspect of the Boxair underpants have been slavishly designed to keep you cool and comfortable. You can find out more about the extreme technology and ethos behind these undies at They are on Sale in the UK at Dead Good Undies and can be on your doorstep within a matter of seconds (OK, very quickly). how-it-works_01

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