Aussiebum Stadium Briefs – Sporty, Masculine, Inherently Aussie!

I’ve always been a fan of the Aussiebum Men’s Underwear photoshoots. Having spent many years living in the lucky country I am drawn to just how Aussie this brand really is. In particular, their ruggedly handsome “blokes blokes” models combined with iconic Australian scenery have create a strong brand that is wearable and watchable.
Ruggedly masculine and wearable briefs designed for high action in total comfort. Could this picture be any more manly? Goodness!
The Aussibum Stadium briefs are big, bold, and ooze sportly masculinity from every pore. Soft micro modal fabric combines with the comfy thick elasticated waistband to create briefs that are ready and set to go into action with you. Image credit goes to Aussiebum, you can check out their other sporty mens underwear styles right here.

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