Modern Men’s Girdles – Tummy Control Without Compromising on Style

Men’s girdles – it’s a bit of an old fashioned sounding term! In reality they are still very much around, but in a very updated form. The modern version of these tummy slimming undergarments are easy to wear every day. They tend to be either built into briefs, or slimming vests and t-shirts. They use clever technology  to create a slimmer tummy and enhanced body profile under clothes. They’re almost never referred to as girdles these days, men’s shapewear is the order of the day.

Not  sure male shapewear would be something you’d feel comfortable wearing? Our guide to some of the best styles from our favourite men’s underwear brands will hopefully set your mind at ease.

The Modern Alternatives to Men’s Girdles

In reality, there’s not any one product in the men’s shapewear market today that can be definitively identified as a “girdle”.

Here’s a few of our favourite slimming styles, which will hopefully show that men’s shapewear can be worn without compromising on fashion!

Moving on From Girdles – Types Of Tummy Sculpting Men’s Shapewear

The brands currently offering men’s shapewear styles are known for their high fashion, sexy men’s underwear. They know that men want to look their best every day, and they’ve created tummy tucking styles with fashion and wearability built in.

Here’s a few of our favourite slimming styles, which will hopefully show that men’s shapewear can be worn without compromising on fashion!

High Waist Tummy Slimming Briefs & Boxers

This type of slimming underwear has an additional elasticated panel attached to the top of the waistband. Briefs like this have the appearance of a girdle, and will often feature a zip fly so you can relieve yourself without having to deconstruct your entire outfit.

We Love….

Addicted Underwear Slim Brief

All of the slimming without compromising on the style from Addicted Underwear. This high fashion men’s undies label has created a range of boxers and briefs which are stylish and also pull in the tummy. An added bonus, they also include a push up underwear pouch. So when you wear these briefs it’s tummies in, and crotches out. Perfect for everyday wear or that big night out where you want to look your best.

men's girdle style briefs with raised waistband


  • Compression waistband to tuck in the tummy.
  • Takes up to 5cm off your waist.
  • Available up to XXXL.
  • Also provides lumbar support.
  • Sexy sporty styling built in.
  • Added bonus of a bulge boosting pouch.

Top Tip: Buyers have reported these are sized on the large side. It may be worth buying a size down from usual.

Rounderbum Basic Slim Fit Padded Boxer

The Rounderbum slim fit padded boxer are not so much a girdle as a complete slimming and shaping underwear solution. The cotton boxers feature compression technology in the extended waistband for tummy tucking and slimming functionality.  These boxer shorts also have a padded rear to create a pleasingly pert all over look.

black men's slimming boxer shorts with high elasticated waist


  • Compression waistband for tummy slimming.
  • Padded rear for round bum effect.
  • Lined fly Pouch for easy trips to the lavatory.
  • Available in sizes to XL.

Compression T-Shirts and Vests

There are lots of t-shirts and vests available in men’s shapewear ranges. These will be the most “ordinary” looking garments with tummy flattening properties. Some can be worn as stand alone items, and others can be worn under shirts and other clothing. It doesn’t matter that they are visible, as they just look like an everyday clothing item.

Here’s an idea of what these slimming t-shirts and vests will look like, and how they would work for you.

Zoned Performance Tank Top by Spanx

The original and most famous brand, Spanx For Men, has been making men’s styles for many years. This slimming tank top does the work of a men’s girdle packaged into a discreet, everyday clothing item.

The compression zones target the abs and torso, creating a pleasingly trim profile.  Additional lumbar and posture support is provided by panels to the rear of the vest. Available to size XXL.

black men's tummy slimming vest by spanx


  • Slim abs and torso with compression zones.
  • Everyday vest shapewear for discreet tummy flattening.
  • Lumbar support at the rear for improved posture.
  • Seamless design for ease of movement.

Rounderbum Seamless Compression T-Shirt

Famous for their bum enhancing functionality, it wasn’t a huge stretch for Rounderbum to add shapewear to their collections. This seamless compression t-shirt gives a great tummy flattening effect in a fashionable clothing cut. The longer sleeves are designed to increase muscle definition for an all over sculpted look.

black tummy slimming tshirt


  • Seamless to provide comfortable support.
  • Waist slimming and muscle defining technology.
  • Posture improving panels to pull back shoulders.
  • Available to size XL.

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Hopefully this guide will have demystified the world of men’s shapewear and demonstrated that men’s girdles now exist largely in name only. Below you’ll find the latest styles from our hand curated men’s underwear shopping resource. Every week our team of men’s underwear enthusiasts review and categorise the latest hot men’s underwear fashion for your viewing pleasure!

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