Sexy Fireman Costumes – Enjoy Hot Fantasy Role Play!

A bit of sexy fireman role play is guaranteed to heat things up in the bedroom.  Keen to dip a toe into wearing a sexy outfit and getting your kink on? Our guide will look at how you can dress up as a fireman without breaking the bank. We’ll throw in some sexy role play ideas to inspire a night of erotic fun.

We’ll also find the best and naughtiest costumes to turn up the heat in the bedroom.  Hop straight to the fireman costumes here.

Sexy Fireman Role Play Ideas

Want your role play to be super realistic? Get your face paints out and create a few soot smears for that “fresh from the fire” look.

You’ve got your super sexy fireman outfit and you’re ready to go. You’re wearing it. What now?

This is no time to just edge round the door frame and shout “ta-dah!!”. If your partner gets hot for that, you jump on in. But if you can get into the headspace of the naughty fireman and embrace the fantasy aspect of wearing a sexy costume, you can immerse yourself in  your own bedroom fantasy.

A few ideas to get you started:-

  • You’ve been called out to a terrible office fire. You’ve rescued one of the workers. They are in their work uniform, and are unconscious and their work clothing is in disarray. What’s that they’re wearing underneath their uniform? Oh my. Why not lie them down and offer some first aid to try and revive them? Can you resist peeping at their sexy underwear? What sort of erotic CPR might rouse them from their coma?
  • Your partner has been caught in a very embarrassing situation. They were trying on some incredibly sexy underwear, and got themselves locked in a bathroom. You’ve been called out to rescue them. They’re so embarrassed, they’ll do anything to avoid you telling anyone.  What’s your price to save their reputation?

Best Sexy Fireman Costumes

We’ve got some firm favourites here at Blokes Undies when it comes to fireman roleplay. These costumes are all strictly for the bedroom unless you’re going to a very daring fancy dress party indeed!

Envy Sexy Firefighter Trunks and Braces Set

Hot fireman style boxer briefs, and sexy red fireman’s braces. This will set the building ablaze with passion! The sexy shiny fabric has a pouch that lifts and shapes, which will make your bulge look fabulous. The sexy high-vis stripes and faux pockets give that uniform vibe to set the scene perfectly.

Sexy Firefighter boxer briefs with matching braces

Key Features

  • Hot red firemans braces.
  • Fake pockets & realistic high vis stripes.
  • Soft & stretchy fabric for comfortable fit.
  • Bulge boosting pouch for sexy package presentation.

The best thing about this type of role play costume is that it’s not too difficult to put on. The detailing is enough that you can step completely into the fantasy without spending hours getting dressed up and ready to get your kink on.

The Reviews

We’ve researched real life reviews of the Envy Sexy Firefighter Trunks, and this costume had an incredibly high rating with a solid 5 stars from a host of happy customers.


Those who bought this outfit loved the:-

  • Sexy tight fabric.
  • Comfortable fit and ease of wear.
  • Bulge boosting pouch, and bum flattering cut.


The main drawbacks reported were:-

  • The braces can be a little fiddly to adjust. Maybe do this in advance.
  • Some users would have liked a zip or laces for easy access.

Convinced? Find out more here.

Svenjoyment Sexy Fireman Zip Front Boxers

You’ll look red hot in these firefighter themed boxer shorts! From top sexy men’s underwear brand Svenjoyment, these are a minimalist approach to the fire brigade theme. If you don’t want to go the full hog with an erotic costume, these create the fantasy without fiddly accessories.

Sexy red zip front firefighter boxer briefs

Key Features

  • Sexy shiny red fabric.
  • Bulge enhancing pouch.
  • Easy access zip opening.

Bright red fabric with yellow striped detailing on the sides creates a naughty uniform look. A pocket sits jauntily on the hip to store all your lifesaving equipment (condoms and breath mints?). The zip front lets you release your hose with ease!

The Reviews

The vast majority of men who had worn these naughty boxers give it a 5 star review. There were no 1-3 star reviews. For us, it’s an overwhelming yes. Plus we love any open front underwear cut, so it was always going to be a thumbs up from us.


Those who’d tried these out for a night of role play passion reported:-

  • Being very impressed with Svenjoyment’s bulge boosting pouch.
  • Loving the bright red colour and shiny fabric.
  • Comfortable fit, and easy access via front zip.


There were very few drawbacks reported for these, but the minor issues some had included:-

  • Getting man parts into the right position for bulge  boosting was a bit fiddly.
  • There’s no detailing on the rear.
  • The need to pay attention when doing up the metal zip!

Intrigued? See all the details here!

Male Power Hose Me Down Fireman Boxers and Braces

Something a little different. This sexy costume comes with a naughty hose attachment! It’s not just decorative either, the open shaft pouch allows easy access to your pole for some serious erotic fun. Definitely a bit of a kinky BDSM twist in this one. The fabric is not as rigid as it looks however, the shaft is made from sheer stretch mesh. A different sensation to work into your role play.

Key Features

  • Sexy hose pouch with opening for easy access.
  • Sexy red adjustable braces.
  • Tight fit with sheer pouch.
  • Helmet not included – bring your own!

The tight shorts feature high vis fireman style detailing, and a naughty sheer pouch for that extra sexy glimpse of what you’vebrought to the fire. The look is completed by the naughty red adjustable braces. If this costume doesn’t stoke the flames of passion, nothing will!

We weren’t able to find any user reviews of these sexy boxers online. Hopefully no news is good news, but if you’ve worn these we would love to hear from you.

Bondara Man Balls Of Fire Four Piece Costume

Someone call the fire brigade! Perhaps this is the outfit your local firefighter would wear to a very minor beach BBQ fire. It’s fair to say that if you turned up to a real fire in this shiny PVC look set your balls definitely would end up ablaze.

sexy pvc firefighter briefs with matching cuffs and helmet

Key Features

  • PVC look fabric creates a sexy shiny look.
  • Cute collar featuring fireman badge.
  • Firemans hat to complete your look.

This costume has all you need for seduction and we love the kinky twist provided by the fabric. From the firemans hat to the sexy high shine fire fighter themed briefs, the scene is set. All you need is someone to rescue and then you can collect your reward!

We couldn’t find any online reviews for this, but no news is hopefully good news. Drop us a line in the comments if you’ve slid down the pole in this outfit.

Firemen Outfits For The Win

If these choices haven’t convinced you to try out a sexy bit of fireman roleplay in the bedroom nothing will. There’s lots of other sexy men’s costumes available to try, if this isn’t lighting your fire why not have a browse of all the sexy mens costumes and other firefighters costumes we’ve found in our men’s underwear shopping resource. You won’t regret it!

How to Dress Up as a Sexy Fireman

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a costume, there’s a few household items you can use to get into that fire brigade vibe.

Suggested props:-

  • Blue Boxer Shorts
  • Red Braces.
  • Red Fireman’s hat.

Using these props for a bit of cheap fun might be a plan if you’ve got a good sense of humour in the bedroom. Perhaps you’re going to a fancy dress party and have decided to throw caution to the wind? J

ust remember, if you’re drinking alcohol you might end up with a delightful pee patch on your boxers. With that in mind, you might want to consider wearing some padded boxer shorts, or using a bulge boosting insert. That’ll stop any unintended dribbles after a few beers, and it’ll make your package look good too. Win win.

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