Svenjoyment Profile Boosting Pouch Thong For Men

Want to give your package a bit of a boost and keep the undies minimal?  I reckon this great thong from sexy mens underwear brand Svenjoyment (formerly known as Sven O) is just the job for chaps who want their joy department to look its best at all times!
As you can see, the Svenjoyment Wet Look Rio Swell Thong deploys some pretty robust boosting technology. Stick it in the ring bit, bask in the adulation of passers by. Job’s a good ‘un!
This is a thong for fans of a minimalist approach to underwear.  It’s so skimpy its barely there at all, and yet it still gives your man bits excellent lift.  An internal harness lifts your package which creates a bigger looking profile.  Comfortable stretch cotton fabric means that not only do you look your sexy best, but you can stride around in complete comfort too.  A great thong for adventurous men. I do suspect these thongs are for titilation rather than something you’d pop on under your business suit, but the choice is yours. It’s now difficult to find Svenjoyment lines in the UK, but DealByEthan stock them in the US and ship mens underwear worldwide. Image credit goes to them.

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