Relive Those Stripper Fantasies With A Cheap ‘N Cheerful Posing Pouch String!

Ahhh, happy Tuesday everyone. I can’t think of a single better way to celebrate the end of a bank holiday than with a bit of cheap and cheerful male stripper type fun. Well, I can actually. But in the absence of anyone having offered to fly me to a 5 star resort in Mexico – we’ll do this. OK? Introducing Blue Line Men’s Underwear, ideal for all you wannabe strippers.
Blue Line Reveal Thong
Doesn’t leave much to the imagination, hey? The Blue Line Reveal Thong is ideal for those times when you want to have the sexual subtlety of a sledgehammer.
I do like to throw a few wee cheeky treats under a tenner onto the blog. At just £8.99 this thong isn’t going to break the bank, and might just inject a bit of fun into an otherwise dull as dishwater weekend. Featuring a g-string back that lifts and enhances the package, and a comfortable microfiber fabric. It’s a posing pouch that’ll give you that wow factor, and lets face it… it’s going to end up on the floor if everything goes exactly to plan. M The curvy waistband accentuates your bum, the fabric is smooth, stroke-able, and the cut is incredibly snug fitting. If you’ve got it, flaunt it with this cheap as chips mangerie. Can’t go wrong for a naughty night in (or out, but not recommended for clubbing!). It’s as subtle as everything else we’ve seen from Blue Line, and it’s available at in the UK.