Get Racy Lacy in Mens Open Front Boxers by Male Power

You don’t always have to break the bank to grab yourself some super sexy underwear styles. Unashamedly sexy, easy on the pocket, and fashioned in thrilling lace with an open front and back. These boxers don’t muck about, and neither will anyone who happens to be wearing them. Designed with one purpose only, these are under £13 so they’re a great way to give yourself and your partner a thrill.
It’s been photoshopped out. Stop looking 😉
The cheeky open front lets it all hang out in super sexy style. The hipster cut and tactile sheer lace fabric creates an unashamed look that’s high on the thigh and low on the hip with total access to your intimate area for sexy play. Phew-ee!
Spankingly naughty open back gives a sexy surprise round the back!
Despite it’s looks, this lacy underwear treat is comfortable enough to wear all day. You’d need to choose your outerwear carefully mind you, perhaps if you’ve ever fancied being a truly sexy Scotsman you could team it up with a kilt. I reckon that’d work a treat. You can find these see through boxer shorts at for a bargainous price. Whilst many of the brands we feature now freely include lace underwear for men in their collections, it’s often given a designer price tag. If you’re looking for a bit of sexy fun without spending a fortune, I highly recommend them. You can pick yourself up some other delicious treats in the Lovehoney store whilst you are there. Yum!

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