Make Your Crotch Fabulous With Modus Vivendi Glamour

Long, dark winters days. A sea of beige, a paucity of fabulousness and glitter. You look down, sigh, regard your navel, and discover that Modus Vivendi truly have thought of everything. What light breaks from betwixt your thighs? Behold – It’s a glorious sparkling crotch! Inspired by the glam rockers of the 1970’s, and clearly designed to be seen rather than hidden away underneath beige jeans, the Modus Vivendi Glamour Line is the ultimate antidote to the winter blues.
Team these up with a huge helping of confidence, and a screw you attitude for those nights out clubbing. Bowie would have wanted you to do it!
Clearly not designed to be tucked away, the design brief (geddit?) for these was to take a stylishly cut pair of undies, add elastic, cover the whole lot in glitter, add a sleek metal tag on the side, and await the inevitable standing ovation from adoring glam underwear groupies. There’s something fabulously alluring about these glam rock undies. Fun, sexy, and terribly… Modus Vivendi.
Have you ever wanted to let someone know there’s a party in your pants and they’re invited? Yep. These are the undies you need to accurately make statements like that!
Moving swiftly on from the mesmerising fun and style-hysteria and to practical matters – fear not, these undies are fully lined with microfiber for your comfort. Sequins rubbing against your delicates is a recipe for a rash and no mistake about it.
There’s nothing to beat a good jock strap. Except a jock strap with sequins and matching metallic elastic trim. That’s undies heaven right there!
All photo credits, love, design kudos, and my unending underwear admiration go to Modus Vivendi. Blokes Undies loves your work fellas!

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