Create Sheer Animal Attraction With Body Art Evia – Sexy German Micro Pants

Sheer, silky and so sexy you’ll purr with pleasure. Body Art Men’s Underwear Evia Micro Pants are touchably soft and feature a wild leopard print. The body hugging cut and see through pattern are a walk on the undies wild side for blokes who want a bit of underpant adventure.
Have a micro adventure in your underwear with these sexy see through leopard print pants. Comfortable and erotic. Can’t ask for more!
Featuring a comfortable fabric covered waistband and a super close fitting cut, these are sex on legs. Tulle fabric creates an ultra fine, soft, touchable finish with the texture greatly enhancing the appeal of the leopard print. Double layered pouch for extra support and coverage. You can add some animal power to your pants by browsing the ever excellent Body Art collection over at DGU.

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