L’Homme Invisible Launches O Life – Innovative Lace Underwear For Men

French Brand L’Homme Invisible launched the very sexy O Life Line at the start of June. Featuring two vibrant new colours, and 4 effortlessly erotic underwear styles, the new collection will please fans of opulent men’s underwear styling.

Giles enjoyed spending a bit of quality time lounging around the family mansion in his lace undies. The majestic swirling style on the lace is bold and fresh.

The O Life range features a t-shirt, and 4 sizzling underwear styles. Choose from the uniquely cut V Boxer, a string striptease, mini hipsters, and briefs. The swirling scroll-like patterns of the German produced lace create an imposing look. The  T-shirts have a plunging V neck which echoes the intriguing cut of the V cut boxer shorts. Possibly the ultimate matching set – a golden opportunity to effortlessly match your outer and underwear! The string features a contour pouch which is lined in a skin coloured fabric for comfort and the creation of a smooth profile. The side clips make a quick strip possible, making this an ideal string to put it all out there. The mini hipsters have a short square cut, and back seam for a figure flattering look. The unique cut on the low waist boxers is the stand out of the new collection, unrelentingly sexy and uncompromisingly outrageous!

Devilishly good, the V boxer is guaranteed to draw attention to your crotch in the best possible way!

  This is a high end, luxury men’s underwear line that’s bound to thrill all the lovers of lace underwear for men out there. Well worth a look, with a designer price tag to match all the quality and care that’s gone into the production of this collection. You can grab yours online at the L’homme Invisible online store today with prices starting from 33 Euros.

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