A Guide To Men’s Jock Briefs

Jock briefs – a fusion between a  jockstrap and briefs. Hybrid underwear cuts are becoming increasingly popular in the men’s underwear scene. The sector has seen an explosion in the range of cuts and technologies on offer to meet demand for exotic underwear combinations.

So What is a Jock Brief?

A jock brief is a cross between a jockstrap and a pair of briefs. The cut offers fuller coverage and more opportunities for high fashion styling at the front, and the open back to the rear. For men who enjoy open back underwear cuts, this creates a world of new and exciting choices.

black jock briefs front
Briefs at the front…

black jock briefs back
…cheeky at the back!

Jockstrap pouches often have a very structured and secure fit, the fusion between men’s briefs and jocks gives access to many different support pouches. As jockstraps are often very minimal, the Jock Brief provides a little more coverage at the front.

Our Best Jock Brief Styles

We love the cheeky surprise you get with a pair of these briefs. They look like a fairly standard pair of men’s briefs at the front, and when you turn around… moon’s out!

Here are some of the Blokes Undies team’s favourite styles!

Modus Vivendi Leather Line Bottomless Brief

High on style, low on practicality – this pair of backless briefs from Modus Vivendi is exactly what we’d expect from this stylish brand. There’s always a strong fetish twist in their high quality underwear, and these jock briefs are exceptional.

cream leather effect backless mens jock briefs
  • Leather look fabric.
  • Snug fit.
  • Soft to wear.
  • Super sexy open back.

They look like leather, but they are actually polyester. There’s not a lot of stretch in these briefs, and the fit is very snug. When you slide into them you can enjoy the sensual feel of leather underwear with an entirely clear conscience!

Andrew Christian Naughty Lace Dungeon Jock Brief

Well, the name says it all doesn’t it! Andrew Christian is well known for its sexy men’s underwear styles and this pair of briefs has it all. Featuring a wet look pouch with naughty lace detailing and an open back, these briefs feature the Almost Naked pouch. If you like a more natural cut than jockstraps usually offer – these briefs are worth a buy.


  • Wet Look fabric.
  • Almost Naked pouch for barely there feel.
  • Sexy lace detailing.
  • Strong fetish styling.

Manstore M2052 Jock Brief

Sexy German brand Manstore can always be guaranteed to come up with the goods. If you love silky soft, touchable fabric this could be your underwear unicorn right here. The fabric looks like velvet but feels like satin during wear.

The unlined pouch gives plenty of dangle room, and features a comfortable waistband. The cut is bikini at the front and jock at the back. What’s not to love?


  • Unlined pouch.
  • Silky soft feel during wear.
  • Bikini cut at front with strappy open back.
  • Naughty and luxurious.

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