Gay Harness Fashion for Men – A Guide To The Best Chest Harnesses

Gay harness fashion has been a part of the gay community for decades. In recent years, its fashion appeal has risen drastically as men’s underwear and clothing brands have sought to tap into the gay underwear market.

Traditionally harnesses were made from leather, however in the last few years we’ve seen a lot of different fabrics being used. Cool and unusual cuts have been created, and  a huge array of colours and textures have appeared. The harness has been reborn and rebooted as a must have clubwear or partywear item for many members of the gay community. There has been a movement away from heavy fetish style leather pieces towards more stylised fun, and fashionable garments.

Best Gay Harness Picks

Here’s  some of the best new style fashion harnesses on the scene at the moment! We’re looking at the current ranges from TOF Paris, a great brand that’s well known and loved by many gay men.

TOF Paris Glitter Harness Silver

Bring your own glitter ball to the party with this white and silver harness! Made from super light and comfortable microfiber, this is a great piece for your next big night out.

mens white body harness with silver glitterball effect

Unlike it’s leather counterparts, this chest harness is a little more like a cut out vest. It won’t dig in while you’re on the dance floor, and the glitter extends all the way round the back. This would look amazing under UV lights!

TOF Paris Roman Shoulder Harness

Incredibly masculine and inspired by muscular gladiatiors, this harness is asymmetrical with diagonal chest band, and chain mail sleeve.

gladiator style gay shoulder harness

The chest band is elasticated so it can be worn in complete comfort. Surprisingly, the chainmail is made from a rubberised polyester. No sweating and chafing on the dancefloor with this one! To complete the outfit, TOF Paris also offer a matching pair of shorts. Ideal for creating a sexy fetish look for any night out or in!

TOF Paris Camo Harness

A more traditional gay harness shape, but made from elastic to allow free movement and comfort. This is available in many designs and colours, sitting comfortably across your chest. Great to draw attention to those hard won pecs.

gay harness - green elasticated camo fabric with TOF Paris logo in centre

The harness is lined by 3 metal rings, and features a crossover design at the back, which will enhance the shoulders of anyone wearing it.

Why a Chest Harness is Body Flattering

One reason for the surge in popularity of chest harnesses amongst gay men is that they are intensely body flattering.  They draw attention to the chest and shoulders, meaning that any work you’ve put into developing those areas will be displayed to maximum effect.

A chest harness will always draw a lot of attention in any club, so it’s a great way to show off and have a bit of fun.

Shop For A Gay Harness

If you’d like to see more chest harnesses from TOF Paris and some of the other great brands we’ve featured here on Blokes Undies, please check out our online shopping resource. Every harness has been hand curated by one of our men’s underwear enthusiasts for your viewing and buying pleasure!

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