Sexy Wet Look Men’s Underwear by Sven O

Men’s underwear has long been the domain of staid and ordinary materials and designs, a stuck in the rut market place that has no sense of originality, but lately there has been an influx of different approaches to the theme, and one of the more original of these has come from Sven O.
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The most startling thing about the Sven O range is its complete originality; gone are the old style classic designs and materials, gone is the age old manner of thinking that accompanies design in men’s underwear, and in comes a whole range of new materials that bring a new meaning to the phrase out with old in with the new.
The wet look is in, and Sven O is the reason. This incredibly sexy range of underwear uses a stunningly comfortable polyester mix to create a stylish and long-lasting wet look material that gives a look somewhere between bondage and high fashion; original is not the word, for this is a completely new start in underwear design. Looking great in black, the trunks design has a tight fit and a moulded front pouch for extra impact, and is extremely classy while also managing to be a bit naughty, a bit daring and a great deal of fun.
It takes a certain kind of man to dare to be this different but make no mistake this is quality designer underwear; there is no scrimping on quality to achieve an effect for Sven O understands that even he who wants to be different recognises the need for quality garments.

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