Men’s Push Up Underwear – Boxers & Briefs to give your Crotch a Boost!

Sometimes your assets just need a little bit of a boost. Men’s push up underwear enhances your best bits, creating a pleasing profile. If you’ve heard of this type of male underwear but aren’t sure if it’s for you, we’ve created a short guide devoted to the different types available to help you decide.

addicted mesh trunks in striped mesh fabric with bright yellow trim and push up bulge pouch
Addicted Mesh Sailor Trunks with Push Up Pouch!

Push up underwear is mostly focused on the crotch, with some styles also designed to sculpt and lift your behind. This functionality is available  in most popular undies cuts including boxers, briefs, jocks, and tongs.

There’s a few different ways that the technology creates lift inside the front pouch.

Types of Push Up Pouch

Push up pouches generally fall into 4 categories. Some will feel more restrictive than others depending on how they push up your genitals. It’s worth thinking about how these would feel during wear before taking the plunge and hitting that buy button.

Slings & Straps

A strap or sling will circle underneath your package either on the inside or the outside of the pouch. Some are removable giving you versatility of how you wish to wear your boxers or briefs. Many are adjustable, allowing you to create a fit to suit your own anatomy and comfort levels.

C Rings

This works similarly to slings and straps, except the straps are designed to fasten around your entire package. Some may find this fit a little more restrictive.

U Shaped Fabric Panels

The front pouch will have a U shaped bit of fabric that you place your package onto. When you put your briefs on, your package will be lifted and supported inside it. These tend not to be adjustable, but many men will find them a lot more comfortable than pouch underwear which makes use of lifting straps.


A Pocket is a more pronounced and sculpted pouch which you put your package into. Clever use of sculpting panels and elasticated lifting technology creates an enhanced profile. Again, this technology is more comfortable to wear than the lifting straps. It may be better suited for everyday wear.

Bum Enhancing Push Up Underwear

Worth an honourable mention here is underwear that’s designed to push up your butt. Many of the above push up underwear styles will also feature butt lifting technology. This type of enhancement is most commonly found in boxers and briefs. The obvious reason being that these offer the best rear coverage. However, some jockstraps do offer butt lifting functionality via the elasticated straps around the rear. This is an obvious place for underwear designers to build in a bit of lift, but that cut won’t be to everyone’s taste!

Most push up underwear works through clever use of elasticated panels around your bum, although some are padded to create an enhanced rear contour.

Best Men’s Push Up Underwear Brands

Andrew Christian – This eye popping brand is one of the most popular for all forms of enhanced men’s underwear. There’s not a bit of the crotch or backside that one of Andrew Christian’s underwear designs doesn’t seek to lift and sculpt.

Addicted Underwear – Sports styling with built in bulge boosting push up technology. If you dig sexy and sporty boxers, briefs, and jocks this is a brand that’s well worth considering. If you’re an active man they make a lot of use of cooling mesh fabric.

Es Collection – Born in Spain and the pouches are almost works of art. If you like to show off and love boxers and briefs that make use of wildly sexy metallic fabrics, and opulent prints check them out!

Manstore – this German brand will push up that bulge with some daring skimpy cuts, and super sexy lines. If you love some sexy and daring underwear with a strong fetish twist then Manstore are well worth a try. Their legions of fans in the UK and Europe are a testament to how good men feel in their styles.

You can find out more about enhancing underwear styles in our comprehensive section which features just about every imaginable kind of boosting undies!

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