How To Wear Male Enhancement Underwear – A Guide To Pouches, Padding, and Straps!

Male enhancement underwear has increased in popularity massively in recent years and wearing it could not be easier.  It’s something that was taboo for a number of years. This was in contrast to women’s shapewear and push up bras being totally acceptable. Thankfully things have become a little more equal in recent years with men’s enhancing underwear now widely available.

Perhaps you’re wondering what enhancing underwear is available and how to get the best out of it?

We’ve created a brief (see what we did there?) guide to the different types of enhancement underwear available on the market today, and how to wear them.

What Body Areas Can Enhancement Underwear Help With?

1. Crotch Enhancement

Like the push up bra technology that’s been available to the ladies for many years, there’s a range of pouches designed to present your package at it’s very best.  Crotch enhancing underwear can take a little bit of experimentation to get used to. You may need to experiment to find a pouch that is comfortable, and gives the desired results.

How to wear crotch enhancing underwear?

There are lots of different pouches available for your wearing pleasure. Options include:-

Anatomical pouches

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sailor Stripe Briefs

Anatomical pouches allow a natural, unrestricted fit whilst still offering some basic support and angling your package away from your body. They can make you look bigger just through the power of gravity. More dangle creates an impressive and larger looking bulge.

Bulge Boosting Pouches

Addicted Tropical Briefs

These use a lots of technologies including padding, push up pouches, and straps. A bulge boosting pouch will create a much bigger visual effect. They vary in shape and size of bulge created. You’ll need to consider how daring you want to be. Some men are more than happy for their penis to enter the room a few seconds before them, others might want a more subtle look. A few users have reported finding these pouches a little uncomfortable. It may take you a few times wearing them to get used to the cut. It’s also worth trying a few different types until you find the best fit and effect for you.

2. Butt Enhancement

ES Collection Wonder Briefs – With Padded Rear!

There’s a good selection of boxers and briefs that are designed to lift and shape your butt, giving that pert shape under clothes. Some like make use of fabrics and stitching that will support and shape your bottom. Others like Rounderbum, or Andrew Christian with their signature Bubble Butt cut use padding.

How to wear butt enhancing underwear?

If you want to create a great shape under clothing it’s just a question of choosing the type of fit and shape that works best for you.

If you want to combine butt enhancing and bulge boosting technologies then brands like Andrew Christian offer some great combinations of killer body enhancing effects in a single pair of undies.

3. Hip & Stomach Slimming

Addicted Slim Boxers – Tummy Sculpting Panel

There’s now a huge selection of men’s underwear that’s designed to sculpt and shape the male hips and stomach. For many, this will create a mental image of an odd looking male corset, but these days there are some great slimming options for men that don’t skimp on fashion.

How to wear hip and stomach slimming underwear for men – it’s just a question of deciding how far you’d like to go with support. There are a lot of briefs and boxers with slimming waistband technology. These don’t look any different from other underwear options, they are simply designed to pull in the waist and tidy up your profile.

You can get shapewear for men from brands such as Spanx. Sexy mens underwear brands like Addicted and Doreanse have more intense support available in a variety of styles including full bodysuits for men.

The Best Way To Wear Male Enhancement Underwear?

If you’re still wondering how to wear male enhancement underwear, the best way to wear is to keep trying different options. It’s very important not to be put off if the first pair of boxers or briefs you buy does not give you a good result, or is not comfortable. There’s a large selection of options available and it can take a while to find your enhancement unicorn!

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