Types of Boxer Shorts – A Guide to the Many Different Boxer Cuts!

There are many different types of men’s boxer shorts. While each brand will have their own spin, there are five key styles: boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, hipsters and long boxer shorts.

Understand Boxer Cuts to Help Choose the Right Underwear for You!

Choosing the right pair of boxers is important. The right underwear will make you look and feel great. This is true whatever you are doing. For example, if you are about to play sports, underwear that allows for good support, ventilation and moisture wicking is suggested. It could also help to get the length right – if you’re wearing running or rugby shorts, you don’t want your underwear sticking out the bottom!

man walking up the street in calvin klein briefs
Choose the right undies and you too will have the confidence to use them as outerwear. Or something.

However, if you’re lounging around at home, nothing beats the coziness and freedom of a nice pair of classic boxers. Other styles such as hipsters and midways have their benefits too, so ultimately it is down to you to choose the right style for your given activity or attire.

Boxer Shorts

The classic and most common type of boxer underwear. Boxer shorts were originally designed as actual boxer shorts (for use in boxing!) in 1925 by everlast founder Jacob Golomb. They are cut to have a loose and ‘free fit’. These are great under jeans or for lounging around the house.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs combine the ‘form fit’ of briefs with the length of boxers. These are the ideal type of boxer underwear for someone who needs a supportive pouch area without compromising on the length of material. Also very useful under tailored clothes as they don’t bunch and become visible under trousers.


Generally slightly shorter in length that boxer briefs, boxer trunks offer the same ‘supportive’ benefits while saving on material. Ideal for wearing under shorter shorts, such as running or mini shorts. 


Cut to have a low waistline, hipsters are a great looking kind of boxer short that expose the maximum amount of torso possible. They are generally cut to be form fitting and feature supportive pouches.

Long Boxer Shorts

The longest variation of boxer short, which is also known as a “midway” reaches down to just above the knee. Long boxers are normally loose fitting and can feature elasticated bands at the end. 

Once you’ve chosen your style, pay careful attention to the material. Classic cotton is comfortable and great for everyday wear, but won’t provide the moisture wicking you need for sports of new materials such as Tencell. Equally, if you’re looking for something sexier, there are more daring materials such as silk, leather and mesh that provide eye catching emphasis to key areas!

Ultimately, take your time, browse the range and choose carefully. You’ll never regret buying the right pair of boxer underwear!

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